English Grammar Exercise



Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the tense in brackets. 
(ex : Past Simple : I played, Past Continuous : I was playing)
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1. When Jack ____________ (arrive) home, Anne __________________(watch) television.

2. I _________________ (prepare) dinner when the telephone  _________________ (ring).

3. What ______________________ (you do) when the postman ______________(arrive)?

4. Eva ____________   (learn) to drive when she __________________ (work) in  London.

5. Where ___________________ (you sit)   when the show  (begin)? 

6. I ________________ (visit) Athens while I ____________________ (tour) Greece.

7. It was when he ____________________ (cross) the street that John___________ (fall).

8. What _____________(you see) while you _____________________ (wait) for the bus?

9. Where _____________________ (you go) when your car ____________(break) down?

10.Julie ____________ (meet) Sam when she ___________________ (walk) in the park.

 Answers :
1.arrived - was watching 2.was preparing - rang 3.were you doing - arrived 4.learnt/learned - was working 5.were you sitting - began
6.visited - was touring 7.was crossing - fell 8.did you see - you were waiting 9.were you going - broke down 10.met - was walking

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