Grammar Exercise



Complete with the past perfect simple or continuous of the verb given. 
Example: 'clean':→ had cleaned OR had been cleaning.
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1. When she arrived, they _________________ (finish) their homework.

2. I ___________________ (search) for a while before I found my keys.

3. Julie didn't watch the film because she ___________ (see) it before.

4. Chloe was tired  because she ___________________(work) all day. 

5. The mechanic  _______________(repair) her car when Mary arrived.

6. At 11 a.m. Hugo ___________________(play) tennis for 2 hours.

7. Anne didn't want dessert;  she _________________(eat) too much.

8. It was my first flight.  I ____________________   (never fly) before.

9. He was angry because Sam ________________ (forget) to call him.

10.Joe was ready for the exam.  He _______________ (revise) all week.

 Answers :
  1) had finished   2) had been searching   3) had seen   4) had been working  
5) had repaired   6) had been playing   7) had eaten   8) had never flown  
9) had forgotten   10) had been revising  

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