Exercise n°3

Complete the following sentences to change them from the active to the passive voice.
Example: Oscar Wilde wrote the poem. => The poem was written by Oscar Wilde.
1. The children prepared the picnic.
The picnic the children.

2. A local boy delivers the newspaper every day.
The newspaper a local boy every day.

3. Shakespeare wrote The Merchant of Venice.
The Merchant of Venice Shakespeare.

4. The waitress took our order.
Our order the waitress.

5. We will give a summary to each participant.
A summary to each participant.

6. Julie will drive you to the station.
You to the station by Julie.

7. Both India and China produce tea.
Tea both India and China.

8. Everyone in the office uses the computer.
The computer everyone in the office.

9. The Prime Minister will make a statement shortly.
A statement the Prime Minister.

10. A group of armed robbers attacked the bank.
The bank of armed robbers.