Grammar Exercise



Make one sentence from the two below, using the word(s) in brackets.
Example: It was raining. We played golf. (even though)
Even though it was raining, we played golf.

1.She wasn't very rich.  She gave money to the beggar. (although)
   → Although she wasn't very rich, she gave money to the beggar.
2.He left early.  He wanted to arrive on time. (so that)
  →  He left early so that he would arrive on time.
3.You can go out tonight.  You must tell us where you are going. (provided)
  → You can go out tonight provided you tell us where you are going.
4.I don't early a big salary.  But if I did, I wouldn't buy a car. (even if)
  →Even if I earned a big salary I wouldn't buy a car.
5.Take a sandwich.  There might be no restaurant. (in case)
  → Take a sandwich in case there's no restaurant.
6. There was a lot of noise.  He managed to sleep. (despite)
  →Despite the noise, he managed to sleep.
    →He managed to sleep despite the noise.

7.Sophie likes Opera.  Joe prefers jazz. (whereas)
  →Sophie likes Opera whereas Joe prefers Jazz.
8.The weather was bad.  They enjoyed the trip.  (even though)
  →Even though the weather was bad they enjoyed the trip.
9.He had the 'flu.  He went to work. (in spite of)
  →In spite of having the 'flu he went to work.
10.You have to set the alarm.  If not, it won't work. (unless)
  →Unless you set the alarm it won't work.

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