Gapfill Exercise

Complete the sentences below with the words in brackets in the correct tense and the right order.

1. Not until June 15 (we/can/accept) applications for next year.

2. Never before that day (she/have/witnessed) such violence.

3. Hardly (the match/have/start) when the game was interrupted.

4. Not only (the girl/be/hungry) , she was also very tired.

5. Little (I/do/imagine) that it was the last time I would see him.

6. Only later ((he/do/understand) why his wife was so upset.

7. (He/have/know) it would take so long he would not have started.

8. No sooner (her name/be/announce) than the crowd started to cheer.

9. At no time (the salesman/do/say) that the price would increase.

10. In no way (he/can/be/hold) responsible for the damage.