Grammar Exercise



Complete the sentences below with the correct form of the verb.
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1.It's obvious he's only interested in (make) _____________ money.
2.Anne couldn't find a taxi so I offered (drive) ___________ her home.
3.I managed (book) _______________ two seats on the morning flight.
4.I avoid (take) _______________ the car whenever possible in cities.
5.Peter was delighted (meet) _______________ a former colleague.
6.I promise (send) _______________ you our new brochure.
7.We finished the job by (work) _______________ 12 hours a day.
8.Bob sent a report instead of (attend) _______________ the meeting.
9.I promise (speak) _____________ to the boss about your complaint.
10.Many people dislike (drive) _______________ at night.

 Answers :
  1) making   2) to drive   3) to book   4) taking   5) to meet  
6) to send   7) working   8) attending   9) to speak   10) driving  

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