Grammar Exercise

FUTURE: Simple and Continuous


Complete with the appropriate form of the verb in brackets:
- future simple (example: I will watch)
- future continuous (example: I will be watching)
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1. I promise I ______________ (call) you as soon as I have any news.
2.This time tomorrow Tom ________________(fly) over the Atlantic.
3.Those bags look heavy.  I ______________ (carry) them for you.
4.At the wedding all the guests _________________ (wear) white.
5.Next week we ______________________ (enjoy) the sun in Florida.
6.The sky is a bit cloudy.  ________________ (rain) do you think?
7.If you look at this map you ____________ (see) where the islands are.
8.You'll find him easily.  He ___________________ (carry) a guitar.
9.They _____________ (call) me from the airport when they arrive.
10.This time tomorrow I __________________ (attend) a meeting.

 Answers :
  1) will call   2) will be flying   3) will carry   4) will be wearing  
5) will be enjoying   6) will it   7) will see   8) will be carrying  
9) will call   10) will be attending  

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