English Grammar Exercise



Complete the sentences below with 'even if' or 'even though'.
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1.Sam refused the offer __________________ he needed the money.

2.__________________ Mary has a car, she walks to work.

3. James won't sell his car ____________________ you offer him a good price.

4. ____________________ the man was blind, he walked to the station.

5.We go running every day, _________________ the weather is bad.

6.I love my job. I wouldn't change jobs _________________ the salary was higher.

7.She gives money to charity ___________________ she is not rich.

8.I wouldn't buy you a scooter _______________ I had the money.

9. She will refuse to move house _______________ she is offered a more comfortable place.

10.Dad won't allow me to take his car _________________ I promised to drive carefully.

 Answers :
1.even though 2.even though 3.even if 4.even though 5.even if
6.even if 7.even though 8.even if 9.even if 10.even though

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