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 even though  -  even if  

Complete the sentences below with 'even though' or 'even if'.
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

       1)   Peter refused the offer _______________ he needed the money.

       2)   ________________ Mary has a car, she walks to work.  

       3)   James won't sell his car __________________ you offer him a good price.

       4)   ____________________ the man was blind, he walked to the station.

       5)   We go running every day, _______________ the weather is bad.
       6)   I love my job.  I wouldn't change jobs _______________ the salary was higher.
       7)   She gives money to charity __________________ she is not rich.

       8)   I wouldn't buy you a scooter _______________ I had the money.

       9)   My grandmother will refuse to move house _______________ she is offered
             a more comfortable place.

      10)  Dad refused to allow me to take his car _______________ I promised
             I would drive carefully.


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   Answers :

   1) even though    2) even though    3) even if     4) even though   5) even if  
    6) even if   7) even though   8) even if  9) even if   10) even though 


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