English Grammar Exercise



Complete these sentences with 'already','still', 'always' or 'yet'.

  1. John moved to London 10 years ago and he ___________ lives there.

  2. Julie ______________ walks to school.

  3. "What time is the accountant coming?"  "He's ____________ here!"

  4. "I ordered a book last week.  Has it arrived ______________?"

  5. "Do you ______________ take milk in your coffee?"

  6. I've been taking lessons  but I __________ haven't made much progress""

  7. Emma moved in last week and she _____________ knows everyone!

  8. I _______________ save my files and turn off the computer before I leave.

  9. Peter sent in an application form two weeks ago but he __________ hasn't received a reply.

  10. The manager resigned yesterday, but his resignation hasn't been officially announced __________.

Answers :

1.still 2.always 3.already 4.yet 5.always
6.still 7.already 8.always 9.still 10.yet

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