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English Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises

Page 2, Alphabetical List,  from 'I' to 'P'.

Exercises:  List I → P

  1. in case-unless exercise (online)
  2. in case-unless exercise (printable)
  3. inversion exercise (online gapfill exercise)
  4. inversion exercise (online - make a new sentence)
  5. inversion exercise (printable)
  6. like - look like - be like exercise (online)
  7. like - look like - be like exercise (printable)
  8. like-as exercise(online)
  9. like-as exercise (printable)
  10. linking words multi-choice quiz n°1 (online)
  11. linking words multi-choice quiz n°2 (online)
  12. linking words exercise 1 (online -  make a sentence)
  13. linking words exercise 2(online - make a sentence)
  14. linking words ex (printable)
  15. linking words ex answers (printable)
  16. make-do exercise (online)
  17. make-do exercise (printable)
  18. modal verbs in English (online)
  19. must - have to exercise (online)
  20. must - have to exercise (printable)
  21. of-from exercise (online)
  22. other-another exercise n°1 (online multiple-choice quiz)
  23. other-another exercise n°2(online gapfill exercise)
  24. passive form exercise n° 1 (online)
  25. passive form exercise n° 2 (online)
  26. passive form exercise n° 3 (online)
  27. passive form exercise (printable)
  28. passive form ex. answers (printable)
  29. past perfect exercise (printable)
  30. past simple exercise (online)
  31. past simple exercise (printable)
  32. past simple - past continuous exercise (online)
  33. past simple - past continuous exercise (printable)

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