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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 


from:   'jump on the bandwagon'   to:  'hit the road'

  • jump on the bandwagon
    • If a person or organisation jumps on the bandwagon, they decide to do something when it is already successful or fashionable.
      "When organic food became popular, certain stores were quick to jump on the bandwagon and promote it."

  • in the same boat
    • If two or more parties are in the same boat, they are in the same unpleasant or difficult situation.
      "When the factory closed down, employees of all levels found themselves in the same boat."

  • miss the boat
    • If you miss the boat, you fail to take advantage of an opportunity because you don't act quickly enough.
      "I managed to get my order through before the end of the special offer - but I nearly missed the boat!"

  • (not) rock the boat
    • If you tell someonenot to rock the boat, you are asking them to do nothing that might cause trouble or upset a stable situation.
      "After the recent riots, it was decided not to rock the boat by introducing strict measures."

  • paddle one's own canoe
    • If you paddle your own canoe, you do what you want to do without help or interference from anyone.
      "He decided to paddle his own canoe and set up his own business."

  • (put the) cart before the horse
    • A person who puts the cart before the horse is doing things in the wrong order.
      "Building a school before knowing the age of the population is putting the cart before the horse."

  • drive a hard bargain
    • A person who drives a hard bargain always makes sure they gain advantage in a business deal.
      "Be prepared for tough negotiations with Dan. He drives a hard bargain."

  • drive (someone) up the wall
    • If somebody or something drives you up the wall, they do something that greatly annoys or irritates you.
      "I can't concentrate with all the noise - it's driving me up the wall."

  • backseat driver
    • A passenger in a car who gives unwanted advice to the driver is called a backseat driver.
      "I can't stand backseat drivers like my mother-in-law!"

  • highways and byways
    • If you travel the highways and byways, you take large and small roads to visit every part of the country.
      "He travelled the highways and byways looking for traces of his ancestors."

  • hit the road
    • When you hit the road, you begin a journey.
      "It's getting late and we've got a long way to go. Let's hit the road."

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