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 English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

TIME, page 2

Idioms relating to Time
  from:   'at the eleventh hour'   to:   'time after time'

  • at the eleventh hour
    • If something happens at the eleventh hour, it happens when it is almost too late, or at the last possible moment.
      "Our team won after they scored a goal at the eleventh hour."

  • have time on your side
    • If you say that you have time on your side, you have the advantage of having plenty of time to do something without having to worry about it.
      "Property prices are rising, so we don’t have to rush into selling our house. We’ve got time on our side.”

  • five o'clock shadow
    • This expression refers to a patch of stubble on the face of a man who hasn't shaved for at least a day.
      "He looked tired and had a five o'clock shadow."

  • in the interim
    • Something that happens in the interim takes place during a period of time between two events.
      "I won't have the apartment until next month. In the interim I'm staying at a local hotel."

  • in the long run
    • The term 'in the long run' refers to something that will have effect over or after a long period of time.
      "Learning Chinese is going to be difficult, but it'll be worth it in the long run because it will help me to get a better job."

  • in your own sweet time
    • If you do something in your own sweet time, you take as long as you please to do it, in spite of the wishes of others.
      "OK, I'll do it - but in my own sweet time!"

  • just around the corner
    • If something is just around the corner, it will happen very soon.
      "With spring just around the corner, the new collection should begin to sell."

  • the moment of truth
    • A critical or decisive time when you face the reality of a situation, and find out if your efforts have succeeded, is called the moment of truth.
      "The moment of truth has arrived - I'm going to serve my first soufflé!"

  • in a month of Sundays
    • This expression is an amusing way of referring to a very long period of time.
      "I haven't been to the theatre in a month of Sundays."

  • never in a million years
    • This expression means 'absolutely never'.
      "I will never in a million years understand why Anne married Bob."

  • once in a blue moon
    • If something occurs once in a blue moon, it happens very rarely.
      "Bill has very little contact with his brother. They see each other once in a blue moon."

  • time after time
    • If you do somethingtime after time, you do it repeatedly or on many occasions.
      "He was surprised when the teacher punished him although he had been warned time after time."

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