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 English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Idioms: Success and Failure-5
from: 'landslide victory'   to:  'make a killing'

  • landslide victory
    • The victory of a candidate or a political party by an overwhelming majority is called a landslide victory.
      "Major newspapers predict a landslide victory for the Democratic Party."

  • lead to a dead end
    • If a plan or project leads to a dead end, it develops no further because it has no future.
      "In spite of the scientists' efforts, the research lead to a dead end."

  • in leaps and bounds
    • If you do something in leaps and bounds, you make rapid or spectacular progress or growth.
      "The number of subscribers to the newsletter has grown in leaps and bounds."

  • let slip through your fingers
    • If you let something slip through your fingers, such as a good opportunity, you fail to obtain it or keep it.
      "He should have accepted the job when it was offered. He let the opportunity slip through his fingers."

  • live to fight another day
    • This expression means that even though you have not been successful, you will have another chance in the future to try again.
      "He was defeated in the final match but he lived to fight another day."

  • live up to expectations
    • If something or someone lives up to expectations, they achieve the standard or reach the level predicted, expected or hoped for.
      "The boss is disappointed. Last quarter’s sales did not live up to expectations.”

  • come a long way
    • When someone hascome a long way, they have made a lot of progress or have become successful.
      "Tony has come a long way since he opened his first little restaurant."

  • (have) a long way to go
    • If you have a long way to go, you still have a lot of work to do in order to finish something or achieve a goal.
      "The editor told Amanda she had a long way to go before her book would be accepted for publication.”

  • at a low ebb
    • A person or organisation at a low ebb is not as strong or successful as usual.
      "The recent political crisis has left the country at a low ebb."

  • make or break
    • Circumstances or events that will make or break someone or something will cause either total success or total ruin.
      "We'll see what happens. The assignment will make or break his career."

  • make a comeback
    • When someone makes a comeback, they succeed in returning to their former successful career.
      "After devoting several years to her children, she made a comeback on Broadway."

  • make the cut
    • If you make the cut, you reach a required standard or succeed in passing from one round of a competition to another.
      "After intensive training, Sarah made the cut and joined the team."

  • make a go of something
    • When you make a go of something, you succeed in your enterprise or produce good results.
      "He opened a restaurant and worked hard to make a go of it."

  • make headway
    • If you make headway, you make progress in what you are trying to achieve.
      "Investigators have made little headway in their search for the causes of the catastrophe."

  • makes inroads
    • If someone or something makes inroads, for example in a new field or area, they advance successfully or make progress.
      "Foreign car manufacturers have made inroads into the European market."

  • make a killing
    • If you say that someone has made a killing you mean that they have had great financial success.
      "He made a killing on the stock market."

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