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 English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Idioms: Numbers, Quantities and Amounts-4
from: 'play second fiddle'   to:  'two-faced'

  • play second fiddle
    • If you play second fiddle to someone, you accept to be second in importance to that person, or have a lower position.
      "When Charles became chairman of the family business, his brother declared that he would rather leave than play second fiddle to him."

  • second a motion
    • During a meeting, if you second a motion, you formally agree with a proposal.
      "She seconded the motion to introduce flexible working hours."

  • second nature
    • If something you do is second nature to you, it is something that you do easily or automatically because you have done it so often or for so long.
      "Skiing is second nature to Harry. He grew up in a ski resort."

  • second to none
    • Something that is second to none is excellent or much better than any other.
      "The service was perfect and the food was second to none."

  • on second thoughts
    • 'On second thoughts' means that after giving the matter more thought, you have changed your mind.
      "My idea was to move to an apartment, but on second thoughts, I'd rather have a garden."

  • in seventh heaven
    • If you are in seventh heaven, you are extremely happy.
      "Every time she wins a match, she's in seventh heaven!"

  • six of one and half a dozen of the other
    • This expression means that there is no real difference between two choices; both are equally good or equally bad.
      "I didn't know who to vote for. It was six of one and half a dozen of the other!"

  • at sixes and sevens
    • If someone is at sixes and sevens, they are in a state of confusion or not very well organised.
      "The managers were at sixes and sevens when they were informed of the Chairman's visit."

  • third time lucky
    • This expression is used to express the hope that after twice failing to achieve something, the third attempt will be successful.
      "Our team has been defeated twice in the final. This is our third attempt, and let’s hope it'll be a case of third time lucky ! "

  • three cheers
    • When people give three cheers (for someone or something), they give three shouts to show joy, appreciation or congratulations. One person in the group says 'hip, hip' and the others then shout 'hooray'.
      "What a team! Three cheers for the captain!. Hip hip hooray! (or 'hip, hip, hurray!").

  • a thousand times
    • This expresses exasperation at having constantly to repeat the same thing.
      "I've told you a thousand times to wipe your feet before coming in!"

  • catch twenty-two
    • Acatch 22 situation refers to a frustrating situation where you cannot do one thing without doing a second, and you cannot do the second before doing the first.
      "I can't get a job without a work permit, and I can't get a work permit without a job. It's a catch 22 situation!"

  • twenty-four-seven
    • This term refers to something which is available or happens twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
      "The tourist office provided a list of 24-7 supermarkets in the area."

  • two of a kind
    • People who are two of a kind are similar in character, attitude or tastes.
      "Pete and Ben are two of a kind; they enjoy sports and are very competitive."

  • two can play at that game
    • You say this to tell someone that you can behave towards them in the same unpleasant way that they have behaved towards you.
      "He refuses to take my call? Tell him two can play at that game!"

  • two-faced
    • Someone who is two-faced is deceitful or insincere; they will say one thing to your face and something else when you are not there.
      "I don't trust Billy. I find him two-faced."

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