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 English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Idioms: Love and Romance-1
from: 'be an item'   to:  'lovey-dovey'

  • be an item
    • To say that two people are an item means that they are involved in a romantic relationship.
      "So Sally and Harry are an item, are they?"

  • (a) blind date
    • A blind date is an arranged social meeting with someone you have never met previously.
      "My friends have a organized a blind date for me on Saturday. Let's hope it won't be a catastrophe!"

  • (a) double date
    • When two couples arrange to go out together socially, the occasion is called a double date.
      "Scott and I have a double date tomorrow evening with Sam and Eva."

  • fall in love
    • When you fall in love, you develop strong feelings for someone.
      "Charlie and Stella fell in love with each other when they were in college."

  • get serious
    • Develop into a long-term relationship
      "We went out together when we were teenagers but our relationship never got serious."

  • (be or fall) head over heels in love
    • If someone is or falls head over heels in love, they experience deep, sudden and absolute love for another person.
      "As soon as Alex met Samantha, he fell head over heels in love with her."

  • kiss and make up
    • When two people kiss and make up, they settle their disagreement and become friendly again.
      "Come on you two! Stop quarreling! It's time to kiss and make up!"

  • love at first sight
    • Someone who experiences love at first sight immediately feels strongly attracted to another person.
      "As soon as Barry met Tanya, it was love at first sight!"

  • love rat
    • The expression 'love rat' refers to someone who commits adultery or is promiscuous.
      "I've just heard Steve's having another affair. What a love rat!"

  • (be) lovey-dovey
    • Two people who are all lovey-dovey show romantic feelings very openly, in a way that is slightly silly.
      "The last time I saw Tim and Sue they were all lovey-dovey, so they're obviously still in love."

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