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 English Idioms and Expressions 

Idioms: Health and Fitness-4
from:  'spare part surgery'  to: 'weak as a kitten'

  • spare-part surgery
    • Spare-part surgery refers to surgery in which a diseased or non-functioning organ is replaced with a transplanted or artificial organ.

  • spare tyre
    • If a person has a spare tyre, they have a roll of flesh around the waist.
      "I'd better go on a diet - I'm getting a spare tyre!"

  • take your life into your hands
    • To say that someone is taking their life in their hands means that they are taking the risk of being killed.
      "If you drive home on this icy road, you'll be taking your life in your hands."

  • take a turn for the worse
    • If a person who is ill takes a turn for the worse, their illness becomes more serious.
      "We hoped he would recover but he took a turn for the worse during the night."

  • touch and go
    • If something is touch-and-go, the outcome or result is uncertain.
      "Dave's life is out of danger now, but it was touch-and-go after the operation."

  • under the weather
    • If you are under the weather, you are not feeling very well.
      "You look a bit under the weather. What's the matter?"

  • up and about
    • If someone is up and about, they are out of bed or have recovered after an illness.
      "Judy was kept in hospital for a week but she's up and about again."

  • vim and vigour
    • If you are full of vim and vigour,you have lots of vitality, energy and enthusiasm.
      "After a relaxing holiday, my parents came back full of vim and vigour."

  • weak as a kitten
    • Someone who is as weak as a kitten is very feeble or has no strength.
      "During her illness she felt as weak as a kitten."

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