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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Descriptions of places - things - events

(page 5 :  name written on it →  rip-off )

name written on it If something has someone's name (written) on it, it is intended for that person or it is ideally suited to them.
That dress would be perfect for you - it's got your name on it!
next best thing If you can't have exactly what you want, the next best thing is the best alternative possible.
The camera I wanted was far too expensive so I opted for a cheaper one that was the next best thing.
not a patch on If something or someone is not a patch on an other, they are not nearly as good.
His second conference wasn't a patch on the first one.
not in the same league If something is not in the same league, it is of much lower standard than something else.
He had a good voice but he wasn't in the same league as Pavarotti.
not up to par If something is not up to par, it does not meet the required standard.
He didn't get the job because his English wasn't up to par.
not up to scratch Something which is not up to scratch fails to reach the expected standard.
The quality of the material is not up to scratch.  We'll have to change our suppliers.
a notch above Something that is a notch above something else is a little better in every way.
His rendering of the song was a notch above the others.
odds and ends Odds and ends are small articles, or bits and pieces of all sorts, usually of little value.
I keep my odds and ends in this drawer.
over the top (OTT) Something which is over the top is totally excessive or not suitable for the occasion.
Her dramatic speech was way over the top.
pie in the sky If an idea or project is pie in the sky, it is completely unrealistic or unlikely to be achieved.
The promise of low-cost housing for everyone turned out to be pie in the sky.
the pits If something is referred to as the pits, it is considered to be absolutely the worst.
That magazine is the pits!
recipe for disaster If you refer to a plan or idea as a recipe for disaster, you think it is likely to produce bad results.
Our two families together for Christmas? Sounds like a recipe for disaster!
red light district An area of a town or city where there is a concentration of sex shops, prostitution, strip clubs, etc. is known as the red light district.
A photograph of the politician taken in a red-light district caused a scandal.
right up your alley If something is right up your alley, it is the sort of thing you like or have knowledge about.
You like cooking do you?  This book will be right up your alley.
a rip-off To say that something is a rip-off means that it costs much more than it should.
$10 for an orange juice?  That's a rip-off!
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