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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Descriptions of people

(personality - character - appearance)

(Idioms page 7  :  plum in mouth  →  sitting duck)

plum in your mouth Someone who speaks with an upper-class accent is said to have a plum in their mouth.
He speaks just like an aristocrat - with a plum in his mouth!
poker face Someone who has a poker face has an expressionless face that shows no emotion or reaction at all.
He sat with a poker face all through the show, revealing nothing of his thoughts.
proud as a peacock A person who is as proud as a peacock is extremely proud.
When his son won first prize, Bill was as proud as a peacock.
puts pants on one leg at a time To say that someone puts their pants on one leg at a time means that the person is a human being no different from anyone else.
Don't be scared to speak to him.  He puts his pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us!
has a quick temper Someone who has a quick temper gets angry very easily.
He makes me nervous - he's got such a quick temper.
rotten apple This term refers to a person who is considered to be dishonest or immoral and has a bad influence on others in the group.
It is said that in any profession there is always a rotten apple.
rough diamond A person who is good-natured but lacks polished manners and/or education is said to be a rough diamond.
He's a great guy but a bit of a rough diamond!
saving grace Someone who has a saving grace has a quality that prevents them from being totally bad.
She's a horrible person but she has one saving grace, her kindness to animals.
sea legs A person who has sea legs is used to walking on a moving ship, or has the ability to adjust to a new situation.
It takes a while in a new job to find your sea legs.
sell ice to Eskimos This expression is used to describe a person who has the ability
to persuade someone to accept something totally unnecessary or useless.
It's not surprising he was named 'salesman of the year'. He could sell
ice to Eskimos!
set in one's ways A person who is set in their ways is unable or unwilling to change their ideas, habits or methods, often because they are old.
My grandmother has the same routine every day. She is very set in her ways.
shrinking violet A person referred to as a shrinking violet is a timid or shy person.
The witness was a shrinking violet who had difficulty expressing herself.
significant other The term 'significant other' refers to a person, such as a spouse, partner or lover, with whom you have a long-term relationship.
Harry says he makes no decisions without consulting his significant other.
silver surfer A silver surfer is an elderly person who uses the internet.
After just a few questions my grandmother was ready to join the silver surfers.
silver-tongued A silver-tongued person is a smooth talker who speaks so convincingly that they manage to persuade others to do what they want.
A silver-tongued salesman persuaded my mother to buy a new washing machine although the one she had was fine!
sitting duck A sitting duck is an easy target, a person who is easy to deceive.
The young girl was a sitting duck for the photographer.
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