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 English Idioms and Expressions 

Idioms: Descriptions of People-6
from:  'larger than life'  to: 'all mouth'

  • larger than life
    • A person who is larger than life attracts special attention because they are very impressive or unusually remarkable in their appearance, behaviour or personality.
      "He was a larger-then-life character, both onstage and behind the scene."

  • late bloomer
    • To refer to someone as a late bloomer means that they take longer than usual or expected to develop in a particular field, show their talents or demonstrate their capabilities.
      "He was quite slow at school but he turned out to be a late bloomer who is now a renowned academic ! "

  • laughing stock
    • A person who does something stupid or ridiculous which causes others to laugh becomes a laughing stock.
      " If you wear that to school you'll be the laughing stock of the class!"

  • (be) led by the nose
    • Someone who is led by the nose is dominated, controlled or influenced by a person or group who makes them do exactly what they want.
      "Jack has always been led by the nose by his mother. He always does whatever she wants."

  • on the level
    • If you say that someone is on the level, you are referring to a truthful or honest person.
      "Tell me straight : Is he on the level or not?"

  • life and soul of the party
    • The life and soul of the party is the most lively and amusing person present at an event.
      "I'm so glad we invited Emily. She was the life and soul of the party."

  • live a lie
    • If you spend your life hiding something important about yourself, or inventing something which is not true, you live a lie.
      "To hide his humble origins, he told his wife he had no family and spent his life living a lie."

  • live wire
    • Someone who is highly vivacious, energetic and full of enthusiasm is a live wire.
      "Things have brightened up since Charlie arrived.  He's a real live wire! "

  • long in the tooth
    • A person who is long in the tooth is a bit too old to do something.
      "She's a bit long in the tooth for a cabaret dancer, isn't she?"

  • look the part
    • If you look the part, your appearance makes you ideally suited for a particular job or role.
      "It was a mistake to choose a pretty young girl to play the witch. She didn't look the part at all"

  • look the picture
    • If someone looks the picture, they look very pretty.
      "The little girl looked the picture in her new dress."

  • look the picture of health
    • To look the picture of health means to look extremely healthy.
      "Nice to see you again Mr. Brown. I must say you look the picture of health."

  • look a sight
    • If a person looks a sight, their appearance is awful, unsuitable or very untidy.
      "Chloe looks a sight in that dress!"

  • loose cannon
    • Someone who is referred to as a loose cannon cannot be completely trusted because of unpredictable and irresponsible behaviour which can cause trouble.
      "Keep an eye on Jamie. He tends to turn into a loose cannon when he has a few drinks."

  • lower than a snake's belly
    • To say that someone is lower than a snake's belly means that they are bad, dishonest or have very low moral standards.
      "Anyone who is capable of taking advantage of young vulnerable children is lower than a snake's belly."

  • mouse potato
    • The term mouse potato refers to a person who spends a lot of time in front of the computer.
      "My son and his friends are all mouse potatoes - constantly glued to the computer!"

  • all mouth and no trousers
    • This is said of someone who talks a lot about doing something but never actually does it.
      "He keeps saying he's going to resign and travel around the world, but he's all mouth and no trousers."

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