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 English Idioms and Expressions 

Idioms: Choices, Options and Alternatives-2
from:  'in a quandary'  to: 'weigh the pros and cons'

  • in a quandary
    • If you are in a quandary about something, you  find it difficult to decide what to do.
      "The job they offer is less interesting but the salary is better.  I'm in a quandary about what to do."

  • in two minds
    • If you are in two minds about something, you have difficulty deciding what to do.
      "I'm in two minds about whether or not to accept the offer."

  • keep your options open
    • When you keep your options open, you postpone making a decision so that you can choose among several possible courses of action.
      "The offer sounds good, but keep your options open until you're sure it's the best choice."

  • know your own mind
    • If you know your own mind, you know what you want or like, and are capable of making a decision.
      "I don't want to influence you. You're old enough to know your own mind."

  • (the) lesser of two evils
    • If you choose the lesser of two evils, you opt for the less unpleasant of two poor options.
      "I didn't want to go at all, but choosing the train instead of driving was the lesser of two evils; at least I could relax on the way."

  • (the) line of least resistance
    • If you opt for the line of least resistance, you choose the easiest way of doing something.
      "To make sure the children would stay inside, he chose the line of least resistance and rented a film."

  • (the) luck of the draw
    • To refer to something that happens as the luck of the draw means that it is the result of pure chance, with no possibility of choice.
      "The samples distributed varied in size and value; it was the luck of the draw."

  • mixed blessing
    • Something pleasant which also has disadvantages is called a mixed blessing.
      "He inherited an 18th century mansion but the maintenance costs make it a mixed blessing."

  • my way or the highway
    • If you say to someone 'it's my way or the highway',you are telling them that either they accept to do as you say or they leave the project.
      "You don't have much choice when someone says: 'it's my way or the highway'!

  • no accounting for taste
    • This expression is used to indicate surprise at another person's likes or dislikes. It’s a way of saying that personal preferences or choices are not debatable.
      "She fell in love with a guy who's short, fat, bald and poor ... there's no accounting for taste!"

  • (a) no-brainer
    • A decision or choice that requires little or no thought, because the best option is so obvious, is called a no-brainer.
      "The choice was between a cash refund or having the amount credited to my account - it was a no-brainer! I took the cash!"

  • plan B
    • Plan B  is an alternative solution to be adopted if the original plan does not succeed.
      "The idea is to get a caterer to provide the food. If that's too expensive, plan B is to organise a buffet with the help of friends."

  • (the) point of no return
    • When you reach the point of no return, you have no option but to continue what you have started, because you have gone so far that it is impossible to go back.
      "I've resigned from teaching and decided to become a writer. Now I've reached the point of no return and must work on the book I am writing."

  • take pot luck
    • If you take pot luck, you accept whatever is available without knowing what it will be like.
      "We were so hungry we decided to take pot luck and stopped at the first restaurant we saw."

  • take a stand
    • When you take a stand, you adopt a firm position on an issue and publicly declare whether you support it or are against it.
      "The politician was asked to take a stand on the government's proposed measures to curb illegal immigration."

  • test the water(s)
    • If you test the water(s), you try to find out how acceptable or successful something is before becoming involved in it.
      "You should go to a gym class to test the water before enrolling."

  • (a) shotgun approach
    • If you use a shotgun approach, you cover a wide range in a non-selective, haphazard and inefficient manner.
      "Identifying a specific segment of the market as our target will be more effective than a shotgun approach."

  • (a) toss-up
    • When there are two options or possibilities to choose from, and both are equally good, the choice between the two is called a toss-up (like tossing a coin).
      "Both boxers are in excellent condition. It's a toss-up which of them will win."

  • weigh the pros and cons
    • If you weigh the pros and cons, you consider the advantages and disadvantages, the arguments for or against something.
      "They weighed the pros and cons of the house before signing."

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