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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Business - Work

(Idioms, page 9 :   shotgun approach  →  step into the breach)

shotgun approach If you use a shotgun approach, you cover a wide range in a non-selective, haphazard and inefficient manner.
Identifying a specific segment of the market as our target will be more effective than a shotgun approach.
sign on dotted line If you sign on the dotted line, you formally give your consent to something by signing an official document.
I consulted a lawyer before signing on the dotted line.
signed, sealed, and delivered When an agreement, contract or treaty is signed, sealed and delivered, all the legal documents are in order.
It is hoped that the agreement will be signed, sealed and delivered before the end of the week.
skeleton staff / crew If a business or organisation works with a skeleton staff, it is run with the smallest number of people necessary.
The office is closed the week after Christmas but there will be a skeleton staff to handle essential operations.
sleeping/silent partner This term refers to a person who invests in a business without taking an active part in its management, and whose association with the enterprise is not public knowledge.
He works alone but his business is partly financed by a sleeping partner.
slice/share of the cake When people feel entitled to a share of the profits or benefits, they want a (larger) slice of the cake (or pie).
Since profits are higher this year, the workers feel they deserve a bigger slice of the cake.
smokestack industries Industries involved in heavy manufacturing such as the production of iron and steel, especially if they cause a lot of pollution, are called smokestack industries.
Smokestack industries are no longer authorized  in residential areas.
smooth waters A business or operation that is in smooth waters is making regular and easy progress.
The company seems to be in smooth waters these days.
speed networking This term refers to a relatively new urban trend which consists in making a potential business contact by briefly talking to a series of people at an organised event and exchanging contact details.
square deal A transaction that is fair and honest, or an equitable arrangement, is called a square deal.
We've used the same supplier for years and we always get a square deal.
start the ball rolling If you start the ball rolling, you begin an activity in which other people will join.
Let's start the ball rolling by calling on our first speaker. 
steal a march If you steal a march on someone, you do something in an unexpected or secret way that enables you to gain an advantage over them.
We were able to steal a march on other retailers by immediately offering a 10% reduction on orders received the first day.
step into the breach If you step into the breach, you do work that someone else is unexpectedly unable to do.
Steve stepped into the breach when his colleague had a car accident.
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