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 English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

from: 'make hay while the sun shines'   to:  'pass muster'

  • make hay while the sun shines
    • This expression is used as an encouragement to take advantage of a good situation which may not last.
      "Successful athletes are advised to make hay while the sun shines".

  • meet a deadline
    • If you meet a deadline, you finish or complete something at the time or by a date previously agreed.
      "Working under pressure to meet a deadline can be motivating."

  • meet a standard
    • If something meets a standard, it achieves a certain level of quality or performance
      "The prototype was rejected because it did not meet our standards."

  • mix business with pleasure
    • When people mix business with pleasure, they combine work and leisure or social activities.
      "Seminars or training sessions that include leisure activities are a good way of mixing business and pleasure."

  • money spinner
    • If an activity is amoney spinner, it is a very successful way of making money.
      "Washing cars was quite a money spinner when I was a student."

  • monkey business
    • An activity which is organised in a deceitful or dishonest way is called monkey business.
      "The results announced seem suspicious - I think there's some monkey business going on."

  • move the goalposts
    • During a course of action, if someone moves the goalposts they change the rules or conditions.
      "Our objectives have been set for next year. Let's hope the boss doesn't move the goalposts halfway through."

  • movers and shakers
    • The term movers and shakers refers to people in power who take an active part in making things happen.
      "Mover and shakers are assembling in Brussels for the summit."

  • nitty-gritty
    • When people get down to the nitty-gritty, they begin to discuss the most important points or the practical details.
      "We started to discuss the project, but we didn't get down to the nitty-gritty until his partner arrived."

  • nuts and bolts
    • The nuts and bolts of something are the detailed facts and the practical aspects.
      "We need to discuss the nuts and bolts of the proposal before going any further."

  • opposite number
    • A person who holds the same position as oneself in another company or organisation is called one's opposite number.
      "I spoke to my opposite number in several local companies and we all agreed to join the anti-pollution campaign."

  • ostrich strategy/policy
    • Someone who adopts an ostrich strategy or policy chooses to ignore or evade an obvious problem in the hope that it will resolve itself or disappear.
      "Adopting an ostrich strategy will only make matters worse - we've got to find a solution."

  • overplay your hand
    • If you overplay your hand, you are overconfident and spoil your chances of success by trying to obtain too much.
      "Sam is hoping for a bonus for his good results, but he may be overplaying his hand if he asks for a promotion."

  • pass the buck
    • If you say that someone is passing the buck, you are accusing them of not taking responsibility for a problem and letting others deal with it instead.
      "Whenever a customer comes to complain, she always finds a way of looking busy - a great way of passing the buck!"

  • pass muster
    • If someone or something passes muster, they are considered to be satisfactory or acceptable.
      "The interview went well. I hope I'll pass muster."

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