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from: 'trade secret'   to:  'have your work cut out'

  • trade secret
    • The term 'trade secret' refers to the secrecy of a company's production methods but is often used teasingly.
      "Can you give me the recipe for your lemon meringue pie?"  " No way - that's a trade secret!"

  • tricks of the trade
    • The expression 'tricks of the trade' refers to a clever or expert way of doing things, especially in a job.
      "He's a tough negotiator; he knows all the tricks of the trade."

  • turn the company (a)round
    • Someone who succeeds in turning the company (a)round makes the business profitable again after a period of losses.
      "The new director is amazing. He managed to turn the company (a)roundin less than a year!"

  • up and running
    • If a business or a project is up and running, it has started and is fully operational.
      "In some countries you can have a company up and running in a very short time."

  • nothing ventured, nothing gained
    • This expression means that you cannot expect to achieve anything if you risk nothing.
      "He's going to ask his boss for a promotion even though he has little chance of obtaining satisfaction. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

  • walking papers
    • If you are given your walking papers, your contract or a relationship has ended.
      "After causing a diplomatic incident, Carter got his walking papers."

  • wear many hats
    • Someone who wears many hats has to do many different types of tasks or play a variety of roles.
      "Our company is small, so the employees need to be flexible and accept to wear many hats."

  • wheeling and dealing
    • Someone accused of wheeling and dealing is thought to be involved in complicated, if not dishonest, deals in business or politics.
      "Since the beginning of the election campaign, there's been a lot of wheeling and dealing going on."

  • win-win
    • The term win-win refers to a situation or proposition where both or all parties benefit from the outcome.
      "There were smiles all round when the contract was signed - it was a win-win situation."

  • have your work cut out for you
    • If you have to face a difficult task or a challenging situation, you have your work cut out  for you.
      "I've got a month to reorganise the accounts department. I have my work cut out for me!"

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