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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Body idioms

Neck - Throat

neck and neck In a contest or competition, when two competitors reach the same level, they are neck and neck, so it is impossible to say who will win.
At the moment the two teams are neck and neck for the Word Cup.
millstone around your neck Something described as a millstone around your neck refers to a problem or responsibility that becomes a burden and a source of worry.
The money he borrowed became a millstone around his neck.
pain in the neck If you call someone a pain in the neck, you think they are very irritating or annoying.
She's a pain in the neck the way she keeps complaining!
stick one's neck out If a person sticks their neck out, they draw attention to themselves by saying or doing something that others are afraid to do.
Julie stuck her neck out and said that the sales target would be impossible to reach without extra staff.
yoke around one's neck An obligation, commitment or restraint that becomes an oppressive burden is called a yoke around one's neck.
When John lost his job, the repayments on the house became a yoke around his neck.
at each other's throats Two people who are at each other's throats are always fighting or arguing.
The two candidates for the election are constantly at each other's throats.
cut your own throat If you cut your own throat, you do something that will be the cause of your own failure or ruin your chances in the future.
Tony has already missed a lot of classes.  He's cutting his own throat.
jump down throat If someone jumps down another person's throat, they suddenly start shouting at them in a very angry manner.
When I said the instructions were not very clear, she jumped down my throat!
ram down someone's throat If you ram something down someone's throat, you force them to accept something against their will.
I encourage him to learn English but I can't ram it down his throat.
stick in one's throat If something sticks in your throat (or craw), it is very difficult to accept and makes you angry or resentful.
The way he treats women really sticks in my throat!

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