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 English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Idioms: Anger, Annoyance and Irritation- 5,
from: 'tear a strip off'   to:  'want head on a platter'

  • tear a strip off someone
    • If you tear a strip off someone, you reprimand them severely for doing something wrong.
      "The teacher tore a strip off Charlie for not doing his homework."

  • tell someone a thing or two
    • If you tell someone a thing or two, you express you thoughts (usually criticism) very clearly.
      "Let me tell you a thing or two about your son's behaviour" said John to the boy's father.

  • that makes my blood boil!
    • If something makes your blood boil, it makes you really angry.
      "His condescending attitude towards women really makes my blood boil!"

  • go too far
    • If you go too far, you do something that is considered extreme or unacceptable.
      "Stealing is bad, but stealing from a poor person is really going too far!"

  • that takes the biscuit!
    • This expression refers to something very annoying or irritating.
      "After waiting for an hour, we were told there no seats left. That took the biscuit!"

  • that's the last straw!
    • This expression means that this is the latest unpleasant event and that you cannot tolerate the situation any longer.
      "After an extremely tiring day, when Joe saw the traffic jam he said : that's the last straw!"

  • throw a wobbly (or wobbler)
    • When someone, usually a capricious person, throws a wobbly, they have a fit of nerves or bad temper and lose all self-control.
      "He's very calm - not the sort of man to throw a wobbly if he doesn't have a clean shirt!"

  • try someone's patience
    • If you find it difficult to be patient with someone because of their irritating attitude or behaviour, you can say that they are trying your patience.
      "His constant interruptions began to try the teacher's patience."

  • vent your spleen
    • When you vent your spleen, you release or express all your anger about something.
      "Whenever Harry is angry about new government measures, he vents his spleen by writing to newspapers."

  • want someone's head on a platter
    • If someone makes you so angry that you want them to be punished, you want their head on a platter.
      "He was so angry when he read the article about his family that he wanted the journalist's head on a platter."

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