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 English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Idioms: Anger, Annoyance and Irritation-4,
from: 'more heat than light'   to:  'a storm is brewing'

  • more heat than light
    • If a discussion or debate generates more heat than light, it causes anger or intense reaction but doesn't clarify anything.
      "The meeting that was held to discuss the problem generated more heat than light. Nothing was resolved!"

  • (have a) quick temper
    • Someone who has a quick temper gets angry very easily.
      "He makes me nervous - he's got such a quick temper."

  • rant and rave
    • If you rant and rave about something, you protest noisily and forcefully.
      "The old man ranted and raved about the new waste collection system, but he had to accept it."

  • road rage
    • Aggressive driving habits sometimes resulting in violence against other drivers is called road rage.
      "A number of accidents today are a direct result of road rage."

  • rub someone (up) the wrong way
    • If you rub someone (up) the wrong way, you annoy or irritate them without intending to.
      "Be careful not to rub the boss (up) the wrong way if you want a promotion!"

  • scream blue murder
    • People who scream blue murder shout or complain very loudly as if something very serious has happened.
      "The crowd started screaming blue murder when the football match was interrupted."

  • see red
    • If someone sees red, they suddenly become very angry or annoyed.
      "Discrimination of any kind makes me see red."

  • (have) a short fuse
    • When someone has a short fuse, they are likely to become angry easily or quickly.
      "Be careful how you explain the situation. The boss has a short fuse these days!"

  • skin someone alive
    • If you are angry and threaten to skin someone alive, you mean that you are going to punish them severely.
      "If that kid damages my car again, I'll skin him alive!"

  • smooth someone's ruffled feathers
    • If you smooth someone's ruffled feathers, you make that person feel less angry or offended.
      "Tom took the criticism badly but James managed to smooth his ruffled feathers."

  • (get) steamed up about something
    • If someone gets steamed up about something, they become very angry, excited or enthusiastic about it.
      "Calm down - there's no need to get all steamed up about it!"

  • step on someone's toes
    • If you annoy or irritate someone by intervening in a situation that is their responsibility, you step on their toes.
      "I could offer some advice but I'm afraid of stepping on someone's toes."

  • (something) sticks in your throat
    • If something sticks in your throat (or craw), it is very difficult to accept and makes you angry or resentful
      "The way he treats women really sticks in my throat!"

  • a storm is brewing
    • If you say that a storm is brewing, you mean that the atmosphere indicates that there is going to be trouble, probably with outbursts of anger or emotion.
      "As soon as we saw Pete's face, we knew that a storm was brewing."

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