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 English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Idioms: Anger, Annoyance and Irritation-3,
from: 'go off the deep end'   to:  'mind your own business'

  • go off the deep end
    • If a person goes off the deep end, they become so angry or upset that they cannot control their emotions.
      "Eva will go off the deep end if her kids leave the kitchen in a mess again."

  • go postal
    • If someone goes postal, they lose their temper and express their anger in a violent way.
      "My parents will go postal when they see the state of the house!"

  • go spare
    • If you go spare you lose your temper completely.
      "Lea's dad would go spare if he knew how much she spent in London!"

  • go through the roof
    • If someone goes through the roof, they become very angry.
      "My father went through the roof when Paul damaged his new car."

  • good riddance!
    • This expression is used to express relief at becoming free of an unpleasant or unwanted person or thing.
      "Our horrible neighbour has moved house, and all I can say is 'good riddance'!"

  • harp on (about) something
    • If you harp on (about) something, you tire others by talking continuously and tediously about it.
      "My parents are always harping on about my school results. "

  • haul (someone) over the coals
    • If you haul someone over the coals, you reprimand them harshly because they have done something wrong or incorrectly.
      "Sam was hauled over the coals for the poor quality of his presentation."

  • hit the roof / go through the roof
    • If you hit the roof, you are furious or become extremely angry.
      “Their parents will hit the roof if they catch them smoking!”

  • hot under the collar
    • If you get hot under the collar, you feel annoyed, indignant or embarrassed.
      "If anyone criticizes his proposals, Joe immediately gets hot under the collar."

  • jump down someone's throat
    • If someone jumps down another person's throat, they suddenly start shouting at them in a very angry manner.
      "When I said the instructions were not very clear, she jumped down my throat!"

  • kick yourself
    • If you feel like kicking yourself, you are angry with yourself for something you have or have not done.
      "I could have kicked myself for forgetting Emily's birthday."

  • like a red flag to a bull
    • To say that a statement or action is like a red flag to a bull means that it is sure to make someone very angry or upset
      "Don't mention Tom's promotion to Mike. It would be like a red flag to a bull!"

  • look daggers at someone
    • Someone who looks daggers at another looks at them very angrily.
      "David looked daggers at Paul when he invited his new girlfriend to dance."

  • lose your cool
    • Someone who loses their cool behaves in a bad-temepered manner or become angry, frantic or flustered.
      "The customer lost his cool when the waiter spilt the wine."

  • make your hackles rise
    • If someone or something makes your hackles rise, they make you angry.
      "Her constant criticism really makes my hackles rise!"

  • make a song and dance about something
    • If someone complains in an annoying way or becomes unnecessarily excited about something unimportant, they make a song and dance about it.
      "OK, you don't like carrots. Don't make a song and dance about it!"

  • make no bones about something
    • If you make no bones about something, you don't hesitate to express your thoughts in a frank and open way, or state your opinion in a manner that leaves no doubt.
      "I made no bones about it. I told him his offer was unacceptable."

  • mind your own business! (rude)
    • Telling someone to mind their own business is a (rude) way of saying that they are too interested in what others are doing, or that they are interfering in something that does not concern them.
      "Don't tell me what to do - just mind your own business!"

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