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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms S, page 6

Idioms S, page 6:  from:   'shady deal'   to:   'ship has sailed'

  • shady deal
    • A suspicious, dishonest or illegal arrangement or transaction is known as a shady deal.
      "The two sons were always involved in their father's shady deals."

  • shake like a leaf
    • If you shake like a leaf, you tremble with fear or nervousness.
      "At the beginning of the interview the candidate was shaking like a leaf."

  • shank's pony
    • If you go somewhere on Shank's pony, you have to walk rather than travel by bus, car, etc.
      "It was impossible to find a taxi after the party, so it was Shank's pony for us!"

  • shape of things to come
    • If something, such as a trend or fashion, is the shape of things to come, it is a sign of what is likely to be used or enjoyed by many people in the future.
      "Do you think speed-dating is the shape of things to come?"

  • shape up or ship out
    • This expression is used to warn someone that if they do not improve, they will have to leave their job.
      "When Tom started neglecting the customers, he was told to shape up or ship out."

  • in bad shape
    • A person who is in bad shape is in poor physical condition.
      "Have you seen Terry recently? He's really in bad shape."

  • all shapes and sizes
    • Something that can be found in many different forms, types or varieties, comes in all shapes and sizes.
      "Computers can be found in all shapes and sizes nowadays."

  • (get) back into shape
    • To get yourself back into shape, you need to take exercise in order to become fit and healthy again.
      "Sarah booked into gym classes, determined to get back into shape."

  • (a) sharp cookie
    • Someone who is not easily fooled or deceived is a sharp cookie.
      "You can't fool my grandmother. She's a sharp cookie!"

  • sharp practice
    • Trying to achieve something by using underhand, deceitful or dishonourable means, that are barely within the law, is called sharp practice.
      "That company is under investigation for sharp practice so it's better to avoid dealing with them."

  • (as) sharp as a tack
    • A person who is as sharp as a tack is able to think quickly and learn very fast.
      "You won't have to explain it to him twice. He's as sharp as a tack."

  • shed light
    • If you shed light on something, you help to explain it or make it easier to understand.
      "It was hoped that the testimony of the witnesses would shed light on the causes of the accident."

  • shelf life
    • If something such as food, drink or medicine has a particular shelf life, it must be used or sold before the end of that period of time.
      "Dairy products have quite a short shelf life."

  • come out of one's shell
    • To come out of one's shell means to be less shy or more talkative and outgoing.
      "Gradually the new student started to come out of her shell."

  • shilly-shally
    • If you shilly-shally, you hesitate a lot about something and have difficulty reaching a decision.
      "Come on! Don't shilly-shally - just make up your mind!"

  • that ship has sailed
    • The expression 'that ship has sailed' means that a particular opportunity has passed by and now it's too late.
      "Is the offer still open?" "Sorry, that ship has sailed - you missed the opportunity!."

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