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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms S, page 22

Idioms S, page 22:  from:   'in strict confidence'   to:   'no strings attached'

  • in strict confidence
    • If you say something in strict confidence, you tell it as a secret not to be revealed.
      "Please don't repeat this. I'm telling it to you in strict confidence."

  • strictly business
    • An appointment or event that is entirely devoted to business, with no leisure or relaxation, is called strictly business.
      "Yes we had lunch together but it was strictly business."

  • strike a false note
    • If you strike a false note, you do something wrong, unsuitable or inappropriate.
      "He struck a false note when he arrived at the cocktail party wearing old jeans."

  • strike (or hit) the right note
    • If you strike (or hit) the right note, you do something suitable or appropriate.
      "He struck the right note with his future mother-in-low when he brought her a book on gardening - her favourite hobby!"

  • strike gold
    • If you strike gold, you find exactly what you need : satisfaction, wealth, happiness, etc.
      "I think she struck gold this time in her new job. It suits her perfectly."

  • strike home
    • When somebody's comments or remarks strike home, they make you fully understand the situation.
      "The seriousness of his injuries struck home as he listened to the surgeon."

  • strike while the iron is hot
    • If you strike while the iron is hot, you act immediately because now is the ideal time to do it.
      "The price of property has dropped. It's a good time to buy. You should strike while the iron is hot."

  • strike it lucky
    • When someone strikes it lucky, they run into good luck.
      "We had a sunny week in Scotland - we struck it lucky!"

  • strike pay dirt
    • If you strike pay dirt, you are lucky and suddenly find yourself in a successful money-making situation.
      "Charlie finally struck pay dirt with his latest invention."

  • strike or hit a raw nerve
    • If something you say strikes or hits a raw nerve, it upsets someone because they are very sensitive about the subject.
      "You struck a raw nerve when you mentioned divorce. They're separating."

  • strike or hit the right note
    • If you strike or hit the right note, you say or do something suitable or appropriate.
      "He struck the right note with his future mother-in-law when he gave her a book on gardening - her favourite hobby! "

  • string someone along
    • If you string someone along, you deliberately mislead them about your intentions.
      "Bob finally understood that Mary had just been stringing him along; she had no intention of marrying him."

  • another string to your bow
    • If you have another string to your bow, you have another skill or possible course of action if everything else fails.
      "As well as her excellent qualifications, she's got another string to her bow to help her find a job. She speaks fluent Chinese."

  • no strings attached
    • An offer 'with no strings attached' is an offer made without conditions or restrictions, and requires nothing in return.
      "I managed to get a loan with no strings attached."

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