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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Alphabetical List - S

(page 18 :  state of the art  →  step on toes)

state of the art If something is described as state-of-the-art, it is the most advanced model currently available, incorporating the latest and best technology.
stay one jump ahead If you stay one jump ahead, you keep an advantage over others by making sure you are better informed or taking action before they do.
He is a successful journalist because he always stays one jump ahead of the others.
steal a march If you steal a march on someone, you do something in an unexpected or secret way that enables you to gain an advantage over them.
We were able to steal a march on other retailers by immediately offering a 10% reduction on orders received the first day.
steal someone's thunder If you steal someone's thunder you take their idea or plan and draw attention and praise away from them by presenting it first.
Fred had developed a plan to reduce production costs, but the manager stole his thunder by announcing Fred's idea at the regional meeting.
steal the show A person who steals the show gets more attention or praise than the other participants.
The Japanese competitor stole the show at the Olympic games.
it's a steal! If you find something that you want for a very low price, much lower than what it is worth, you can say 'it's a steal!'.
He's selling it for $20?  At that price it's a steal!
let off steam A person who lets off steam releases surplus energy or strong feelings either through intense physical activity or by talking in an unrestrained manner.
Let's bring the kids to the playground so that they can let off steam.
run out of steam If you say that a person, a process or an organised event is running out of steam, you mean that there is a loss of impetus, energy or enthusiasm.
The anti-immigrant movement seems to be running out of steam.
under your own steam If you go somewhere under your own steam, you do so without any help from others.
No need to pick us up.  We'll get there under our own steam.
steamed up If someone gets steamed up about something, they become very angry, excited or enthusiastic about it.
Calm down - there's no need to get all steamed up about it!
stem the tide If you stem the tide (of events), you stop the development of something bad or undesirable.
The authorities seem unable to stem the rising tide of violence in schools.
step into the breach If you step into the breach, you do work that someone else is unexpectedly unable to do.
Steve stepped into the breach when his colleague had a car accident.
step into someone's shoes If you step into someone's shoes, you take over a job or position held by someone else before you.
William has been trained to step into his father's shoes when he retires.
step on the gas If someone tells you to step on the gas, they are encouraging you to accelerate or hurry up in order to get something done quickly.
We'd better step on the gas and get these figures printed.  The meeting starts in half an hour.
step on someone's toes If you annoy or irritate someone by intervening in a situation that is their responsibility, you step on their toes.
I could offer some advice but I'm afraid of stepping on someone's toes.
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