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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms S, page 16

Idioms S, page 16:  from:   'spinach cinema'   to:   'no spring chicken'

  • spinach cinema
    • Films that are neither exciting nor interesting but are considered educational or uplifting, in the same way as certain foods are good for your health, are referred to as spinach cinema.

  • spiral out of control
    • When difficulties or costs spiral out of control, they get worse or increase continuously, creating a situation that becomes difficult to manage.
      "Some items were expensive but we were careful not to let the costs spiral out of control."

  • spit in someone's eye
    • If you spit in someone's eye, you treat that person with disrespect or contempt.
      "Your father raised you as best he could. Don't start spitting in his eye."

  • spit it out!
    • This expression is used to urge someone who is hesitant or fearful to stop stalling or stammering and say what they have to say.
      "Come on Tommy ! Just spit it out and tell us what happened !"

  • spitting image
    • If one person isthe spitting image of another, they look exactly like each other.
      "Melanie is the spitting image of her mother."

  • spitting in the wind
    • If you spend time trying to do something that is impossible to achieve, you are said to be spitting in the wind.
      "You'll never make him change his mind. You're just spitting in the wind."

  • splash out (on something)
    • If you splash out on something, you spend a lot of money on it.
      "Chloe's parents really splashed out on her wedding."

  • split hairs
    • If you split hairs, you pay too much attention to differences that are very small or unimportant.
      "If we start splitting hairs, we'll never reach an agreement."

  • sponge off someone
    • If you sponge off someone, you live at the expense of another person, accepting their hospitality without sharing the costs or doing something in return.
      "Amy has been sponging off her grandparents for the past two months. She neither shares the expenses nor helps in the house."

  • spoon-feed someone
    • If a person is spoon-fed, they are helped too much rather than encouraged to think by themselves or use their own initiative.
      "Some teachers tend to spoon-feed their pupils."

  • put someone on the spot
    • If you put someone on the spot, you put them in an uncomfortable position, for example by asking difficult questions which they cannot avoid.
      "The reporter was put on the spot when he was asked to reveal his source."

  • (be) spot on
    • If something is spot on, it is exactly right.
      "That bag is an absolute match for my outfit! The colour is spot on!"

  • spread like wildfire
    • If something such as news, rumours or gossip spreads like wildfire, it becomes widely known very fast.
      "As soon as the nomination was announced, the news spread like wildfire."

  • spread your wings
    • When someone spreads their wings, they become independent, begin to use their abilities and develop their interests.
      "There comes a time when young people must be encouraged to spread their wings. "

  • spread yourself too thin
    • If you spread yourself too thin, you do too many things at the same time and can't do any of them well.
      "Don't spread yourself too thin or you'll get nowhere."

  • a spring in your step
    • If you walk with or have a spring in your step, you walk energetically with the appearance of being happy, confident and lively.
      "Ever since she got a promotion, Emily has been walking with a spring in her step!’"

  • no spring chicken
    • To say that someone is no spring chicken means that they are quite old or well past their youth.
      "How old is the owner?"  "I don't know, but she's no spring chicken."

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