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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Alphabetical List - R

(page 6 :  go through roof   →   bend the rules)

go through the roof If someone goes through the roof, they become very angry.
His father nearly went through the roof when Paul damaged his new car.
root and branch If an action is performed thoroughly or completely, it is done 'root and branch'.
The causes of the disease must be eliminated root and branch.
rooted to the spot If you are so shocked, surprised or scared that you are rooted to the spot, you reaction is so strong that you are unable to move.
Joe stood rooted to the spot as the plane landed on the water.
rotten apple This term refers to a person who is considered to be dishonest or immoral and has a bad influence on others in the group.
It is said that in any profession there is always a rotten apple.
rough and ready Something which is rough and ready is adequate but rather rudimentary or unrefined.
The accommodation is rough and ready but the scenery is fantastic!
rough diamond A person who is good-natured but lacks polished manners and/or education is said to be a rough diamond.
He's a great guy but a bit of a rough diamond!
rough justice Treatment or justice that does not seem fair, or is too severe, is called 'rough justice', especially if it is not legal.
The way the player was treated by the media was very rough justice!
take the rough with the smooth If you take the rough with the smooth, you accept what is unpleasant or difficult as well as what is pleasant or easy.
Life isn't always easy; you have to learn to take the rough with the smooth.
rub shoulders with If you rub shoulders with someone, you have an opportunity to meet and talk to that person, especially someone wealthy, famous or distinguished.
In her in public relations, she sometimes rubs shoulders with famous people.
rubber hits the road The moment when you put a theory into practice, or actually apply what you have learned, is when the rubber hits the road.
The plan sounds good.  I'd like to be there when the rubber hits the road.
rue the day If you rue the day you did something, you bitterly regret what you did that day.
Lea's father disapproved of Tony. He said she would rue the day she married him.
sweep under rug If you sweep something under the rug (or carpet), you try to hide it because it is embarrassing.
They tried unsuccessfully to sweep the scandal under the rug.
rule the roost If you rule the roost, you are the most important and powerful person in a group or community.
Officially David runs the company, but it's his father who rules the roost.
bend the rules If a person bends the rules, they change the rules in order to help somebody.
"An hour is an hour" said the car park attendant who refused to bend the rules.
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