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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms R, page 5

Idioms R, page 5:  from:   'let something ride'   to:   'road rage'

  • let something ride
    • When you decide to do nothing about a particular situation and allow it to remain as it is, you let it ride.
      "Bill didn't like the way his wife spoke to the operator, but he let it ride to avoid another quarrel"

  • take for a ride
    • To take someone for a ride means to cheat or deceive them.
      "I discovered he had charged me double the normal fee. He really took me for a ride!"

  • riding high
    • Someone who is riding high is enjoying a period of success or popularity.
      "He's been riding high since the success of his last film."

  • (as) right as rain
    • If someone is (as) right as rain, they are in excellent health or condition.
      "I called to see my grandmother thinking she was ill, but she was as right as rain."

  • right up your alley
    • If something is right up your alley, it is the sort of thing you like or have knowledge about.
      "You like cooking, do you? This book will be right up your alley."

  • ring a bell
    • If something rings a bell, it sounds familiar, but you don't remember the exact details.
      "John Bentley? The name rings a bell but I don't remember him."

  • ring out the old year and ring in the new
    • This expression means to announce and celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next.
    • "It’s party time again ! People all over the world are preparing to ring out the old (year) and ring in the new with joyful festivities."

  • a rip-off
    • To say that something is a rip-off means that it costs much more than it should.
      "$15 for an orange juice? That's a rip-off!"

  • a ripe old age
    • This expression means to live until you are very old.
      "If you lead a healthy life you'll live to a ripe old age." said the doctor."

  • ripple effect
    • When an action has an effect on something, which in turn effects something else, it is said to have a ripple effect.
      "An increase in the price of oil will have a ripple effect on the economy as a whole."

  • rise to the occasion
    • If you rise to the occasion, you manage to do something successfully in difficult circumstances.
      "When her boss broke his leg, Julie had to represent the company at the congress, and she rose to the occasion extremely well"

  • risk life and limb
    • If you risk life and limb, you are in danger of death or serious injury.
      "The roads are icy today; you'll risk life and limb if you go by car."

  • road rage
    • Aggressive driving habits sometimes resulting in violence against other drivers is called road rage.
      "A number of accidents today are a direct result of road rage."

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