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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Alphabetical List - P

(page 9 : pop one's clogs → pour heart out)

pop one's clogs This is a euphemistic way of saying that a person is dead.
Nobody lives in that house since old Roger popped his clogs.
pop the question When you ask someone to marry, you pop the question.
It was during a trip to Venice that he popped the question.
is the Pope Catholic? This is a sarcastic way of answering a question in the affirmative when the answer is obviously 'yes'.
"Do birds fly?"
"Of course they do.  Is the Pope Catholic?"
any port in a storm When you are in difficulty, any port in a storm refers to a solution you accept which in normal circumstances you would find unacceptable.
The hotel was substandard, but it was a case of any port in a storm;
all the others were full.
go postal If someone goes postal, they lost their temper and express their anger in a violent way.
My parents will go postal when they see the state of the house!
pot luck If you take pot luck, you accept whatever is available without knowing what it will be like.
We were so hungry we decided to take pot luck and stopped at the first restaurant we saw.
pot calling the kettle black This expression is used in a situation where a person with a fault criticizes someone else for having the same fault.
After being disqualified for not obeying the rules, the player accused another competitor of cheating; it was the pot calling the kettle black!
hot potato A hot potato is a very sensitive and controversial matter which is difficult to deal with.
The new Prime Minister hasn't been confronted with any hot potatoes yet.
drop like a hot potato If you drop someone or something like a hot potato, you leave them or immediately stop associating with them.
As soon as the article was published, she dropped him like a hot potato.
small potatoes Something that is small potatoes is considered to be unimportant or insignificant.
Her first publication was considered small potatoes but her new book has lead to a change of opinion.
pound the pavement Someone who pounds the pavement walks the streets or goes from company to company, usually in search of employment.
(You can also pound the pavement in an effort to raise funds or gain support for a cause.)
Charlie is out there pounding the pavement since he lost his job.
pour cold water on If you pour cold water on someone's plans, opinions or ideas, you discourage them by showing little enthusiasm or expression your misgivings.
The committee poured cold water on the idea of accepting new members.
pour your heart out If you pour your heart out to someone, you express your feelings freely.
When she needs to pour her heart out to someone, Elsa goes to visit her grandmother.
pour water into a sieve If someone spends time or energy trying to do something that is inefficient or useless, it is like pouring water into a sieve.
Danny's mother used to say that teaching him good behaviour was like pouring water into a sieve.
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