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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Alphabetical List - P

(page 8 :   pluck out of the air→ politically correct)

pluck out of the air To pluck something out of the air means to say a name, date, number, etc. spontaneously, without thinking about it.
"What are we going to call the cat?"
 I just plucked a name out of the air and said: " How about Daisy?"
plug something If you promote something by talking about it favourably, for example during a radio or TV interview, you plug it.
He has accepted to appear on the show if he can plug his new book.
a plum job A desirable position which is well-paid and considered relatively easy is called a plum job.
Ideally he'd like to find himself a plum job in New York.
a plum in your mouth Someone who speaks with an upper-class accent is said to have a plum in their mouth.
He speaks just like an aristocrat - with a plum in his mouth!
pocket of resistance A small group of people you resist change or disagree with a proposal form a pocket of resistance.
The new boss wants to introduce job-sharing, but there's a pocket of resistance in the sales department.
deep pockets A person or organisation who has a lot of money has deep pockets.
Andy's business is not doing well at the moment.  He says he needs a friend with deep pockets!
have someone in your pocket If you have influence or power over someone, you have them in your pocket.
He was declared 'not guilty', but everyone knew that he had the jury in his pocket.
poetic justice Poetic justice is an ideal form of justice in which virtue is rewarded and evil punished, often in a particularly appropriate manner, by an ironic twist of fate.
It is poetic justice that the country responsible for the ecological disaster should suffer most from its effects.
point of no return When you reach the point of no return, you must continue what you have started, because you have gone so far that it is impossible to go back.
I've resigned from teaching and decided to become a writer. Now I've reached the point of no return and must work on the book I am writing.
beside the point If something is beside the point, it does not relate to the topic or is irrelevant.
We need to know if he's qualified for the job. The fact that he plays golf is beside the point!
come/get to the point If you come or get the point, you reach or concentrate on the essential part or the heart of the matter.
We don't need a long explanation Barry.  Just get to the point!
sore point A sore point is a subject to be avoided because it causes anger or embarrassment.
Don't talk to Mary about weight - that's a sore point!
poker face Someone who has a poker face has an expressionless face that shows no emotion or reaction at all.
He sat with a poker face all through the show, revealing nothing of his thoughts.
polish off If you polish something off, you finish it quickly or easily.
Susan thought there was too much food but the boys polished it off in no time.
politically correct When people are politically correct, they carefully choose the language they use in order to avoid offending particular groups of people.
Most people today make a conscious effort to be politically correct.
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