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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms P, page 4

Idioms P, page 4:  from:   'penny for your thoughts'   to:   'no picnic'

  • penny for your thoughts
    • This phrase is used to ask someone what they are thinking about
      "You look pensive. A penny for your thoughts!"

  • turn up like a bad penny
    • If someone turns up like a bad penny, they appear at a place or event where they are not welcome or not wanted.
      "I try to avoid Jane, but wherever I go she turns up like a bad penny!"

  • perish the thought
    • This expression is used when the speaker really hopes that something will not happen.
      "If I lost my job, perish the thought, I don't know how we'd survive."

  • in the right perspective
    • When people see or put things in their right perspective, they keep in proportion all the elements of a situation, without exaggerating the importance of any aspect.
      "If Tom could see things in their right perspective, the situation would be less stressful for him."

  • pervert the course of justice
    • If a person perverts the course of justice, they tell a lie or prevent the police from finding out the truth about something.
      "The suspect was accused of trying to pervert the course of justice."

  • pester power
    • The term pester power refers to the power children exert over their parents by continually nagging or pestering them until they accept to buy advertised toys or fashionable products
      "Pester power leads busy parents to buy more and more for their children."

  • pick and choose
    • If you pick sand choose, you take the time to select carefully among various options.
      "Pete was out of work so he took the job they offered. He was in no position to pick and choose!

  • pick someone's brains
    • If you pick someone's brains, you ask questions about a particular subject in order to obtain advice or information.
      "Could we have lunch together? I'd like to pick your brains about something."

  • pick a fight
    • Someone who picks a fight deliberately looks for an opportunity to start a quarrel or begin an argument.
      "Our new neighbour seizes every occasion to pick a fight."

  • pick holes
    • If someone picks holes in something such as a plan, an idea or a proposal, they criticize it or try to find fault with it.
      "Why don't you make a suggestion instead of picking holes in all my ideas!"

  • pick up the pieces
    • After a disastrous event, if you pick up the pieces you do what you can to get the situation back to normal again.
      "After fire destroyed their house, it took them a long time to pick up the pieces."

  • pick up steam
    • If a project or process picks up steam, it starts to develop or become more active.
      "The campaign started slowly but picked up steam after Christmas."

  • pick up the tab
    • If you pick up the tab, you pay the bill or pay the cost of something.
      "There was a celebration lunch for the team and Bill picked up the tab."

  • in a pickle
    • If you are in a pickle, you are in a difficult situation and need help.
      "My car won't start and the trains are on strike today, so I'm in a real pickle!"

  • no picnic
    • A situation or activity that is no picnic is difficult or problematic.
      "Raising teenagers nowadays is no picnic believe me!"

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