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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Alphabetical List - P

(page 11 : proud as a peacock  → push one's luck)

proud as a peacock A person who is as proud as a peacock is extremely proud.
When his son won first prize, Bill was as proud as a peacock.
pull a fast one To pull a fast one means to gain an advantage over someone by deceiving them.
The street vendor pulled a fast one on Tom.  He sold him a big bunch of roses but wrapped a smaller bunch while Tom was taking out his wallet.
pull (someone's) leg If you pull somebody's leg, you tease them by telling them something that is not true.
Of course I'm not going to buy a sports car.  I was just pulling your leg!
pull no punches If someone pulls no punches, they speak openly and honestly, holding nothing back.
The doctor pulled no punches.  He explained in detail the risks of the operation.
pull out all the stops If you pull out all the stops, you do everything you can to make something successful.
We'll have to pull out all the stops to get the store ready for the opening day.
pull the other one
(it's got bells on)
After hearing an unlikely story, this is a way of telling the speaker that you neither believe what they say nor whatever they may say next.
You have a date with George Clooney? Yeah - now pull the other one!
pull strings If someone pulls strings, they use influential friends in order to obtain an advantage.
David found a job easily - his father just pulled a few strings.
pull through If you pull through, you recover from a serious illness.
Doris had to undergo heart surgery but she pulled through.
pull the rug If you pull the rug from under someone's feet, you suddenly and unexpectedly remove all help or support.
When Andy's mother stopped sending him money, she pulled the rug from under his feet and forced him to find a job.
pull your weight To say that somebody pulls their weight means that they do their fair share of the work.
It's great working with Sandra. She always pulls her weight.
like pulling teeth Something that is like pulling teeth is extremely difficult to obtain, especially if trying to extract information from someone.
Getting him to talk about his job was like pulling teeth!
punch above your weight If you punch above your weight, you try to perform at a level that is beyond your ability.
She submitted her idea for the 'invention of the year' award, knowing that she was punching above her weight.
punch line The punch line is the funny sentence that ends a joke or an amusing story.
When my dad tells jokes, he never gets the punch line right!
push the envelope When you push the envelope, you do something in an extreme way or exceed the limits of what is considered acceptable.
Some TV producers really push the envelope when they expose people's private lives.
push one's luck If you push your luck, you try to get more than what you have already obtained and risk spoiling the situation.
You've got your father's permission to go to the concert.  Don't push your luck by trying to borrow his car!
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