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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms - O, page 6
from:  'out of this world'   to:  'the world is your oyster'

  • out of this world
    • To refer to something as out of this world means that you think it is extremely good or impressive.
      "The hotel was very comfortable and the food was out of this world."

  • at the outside
    • When talking about the length of time or the amount of money necessary to do something, at the outside indicates the highest estimate or the largest amount.
      "How long will it take to get there?" "I'd say two hours at the outside."

  • go overboard
    • If you go overboard, you are over-enthusiastic about something and do too much or behave in an excessive way.
      "We need to prepare the dining room for Christmas, but don't go overboard with the decorations!"

  • over-egg the pudding
    • If you try to improve something excessively by adding unnecessary details, you over-egg the pudding.
      "Keep your report simple. Don't over-egg the pudding."

  • over my dead body!
    • This expression is used by someone who absolutely refuses to allow someone to do something.
      "Mum, can I get by nose pierced?"  "Over my dead body!"

  • (go) over your head
    • If something said or written goes over your head, you find it too difficult to understand or follow.
      “I always found mathematics difficult at school. The teacher’s explanations just went over my head!”

  • (in) over your head
    • If you are in over your head, you are involved in something that is too difficult for you to handle.
      "I accepted to organise the festival, but I quickly realized that I was in over my head."

  • over and done with
    • If something difficult or unpleasant is over and done with,it has now been successfully accomplished, so you don't have to worry about it any longer.
      "It wasn't easy, but I had to announce the bad news, so now that's over and done with."

  • over the hill
    • If a person is over the hill they have reached an age when they can no longer perform as well as before.
      "Gran! You say you're over the hill, but you're still a super cook!"

  • over the hump
    • To say that a person is over the hump means that they are past the most difficult or dangerous part of an activity.
      "It was a difficult year for us all, but we’re over the hump now.”

  • over the moon
    • If you are over the moon, you are absolutely delighted.
      "We were all over the moon when we heard the good news."

  • over the top (OTT)
    • Something which is over the top is totally excessive or not suitable for the occasion.
      "Her dramatic speech was way over the top."

  • overplay your hand
    • If you overplay your hand, you are overconfident and spoil your chances of success by trying to obtain too much.
      "Sam is hoping for a bonus for his good results, but he may be overplaying his hand if he asks for a promotion."

  • overshoot the mark
    • If you make a mistake as a result of misjudging something (situation, distance, amount, etc.), you overshoot the mark.
      "He overshot the mark by about 20%."

  • overstep the mark
    • If you overstep the mark, you go too far and upset someone by saying something or behaving in a way that is unacceptable.
      "Jenny is angry with her son. He overstepped the mark when he called his grandfather an 'old fool'."

  • night owl
    • Someone who is lively and active at night and goes to bed very late is called night owl.
      "I work better in the evenings than in the morning. My friends say I'm a night owl."

  • (as) close as an oyster
    • Someone who is as close as an oyster will never reveal something told in confidence or betray a secret.
      "Sophie will never repeat what you tell her. She's as close as an oyster."

  • the world is your oyster
    • This expression means that you are free and able to enjoy the pleasures and opportunities that life has to offer.
      "She left college feeling that the world was her oyster."

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