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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms N, page 4

Idioms N, page 4:  from:   'no accounting for taste'   to:   'no two ways about it'

  • no accounting for taste
    • This expression is used to indicate surprise at another person's likes or dislikes. It’s a way of saying that personal preferences are not debatable.
      "She fell in love with a guy who's short, fat, bald and poor ... there's no accounting for taste!"

  • no-brainer
    • A decision or choice that requires little or no thought, because the best option is so obvious, is called a no-brainer.
      "The choice was between a cash refund or having the amount credited to my account - it was a no-brainer! I took the cash!"

  • no dice
    • If someone asks you for something and you reply 'no dice!', you mean that it is impossible or it can't be done.
      "Can you lend me your car?"  "Sorry, no dice!"

  • no end
    • This expression is another way of saying 'very much'.
      "Aunt Bessie was pleased no end to be invited to your wedding."

  • no fixed abode
    • A person of no fixed abode has nowhere permanent to live.
      "A 30-year-old man of no fixed abode was charged with the burglary."

  • no-go area
    • no-go area is an area, particularly in a city, where it is dangerous to go.
      "Tourists have been advised to avoid parts of the city which have become no-go areas."

  • no great shakes
    • To say that someone or something is no great shakes means that they are useless, ineffective or not very good.
      "He's a good actor but his last film was no great shakes."

  • no hard feelings
    • If you have no hard feelings, you feel no resentment or bitterness about something.
      "When Alan was promoted instead of Steve, he said to Steve : 'No hard feelings I hope'."

  • no holds barred
    • This expression, which derives from wrestling, is used to describe something done with no restraints, limits or rules of conduct.
      "It's a live talk show with no holds barred, which is not to everyone's taste."

  • no picnic
    • An activity or task that is no picnic is unpleasant or difficult.
      "Tom is a bit depressed these days, but then job-hunting is no picnic."

  • no smoke without fire
    • If many people say that something bad is happening, there is possibly some truth in it.
      "Although no proof was ever found, people continue to say: 'There's no smoke without fire'."

  • no two ways about it
    • To say that there are no two ways about something means that there is only one suitable way of dealing with something.
      "There are no two ways about it. You can't accept the money, so you must give it back."

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