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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms - L, page 9
from:  'lock, stock and barrel'   to:  'look a sight'

  • lock, stock and barrel
    • Lock, stock and barrel means 'everything' or 'every single item'.
      "Maggie found the apartment empty. Dave had taken everything - lock, stock and barrel!"

  • lock horns
    • Two people who lock horns engage in a conflict or argument.
      "The tension between the two of them is causing problems. They lock horns over everything!"

  • at loggerheads
    • If you are at loggerheads with a person or organisation, you disagree very strongly with them.
      "The management and the trade unions are at loggerheads over the decision to close down the plant."

  • by a long chalk/shot
    • This expression means 'not at all' or 'not in any way' or 'not by any means'.
      "The matter hasn't been settled yet, not by a long shot!"

  • long in the tooth
    • A person who is long in the tooth is a bit too old to do something.
      "She's a bit long in the tooth for a cabaret dancer, isn't she?"

  • long roe to hoe
    • A difficult task, assignment or undertaking that will take a long time is a long row to hoe.
      "Getting through medical school is going to be a long row to hoe."

  • come a long way
    • When someone hascome a long way, they have made a lot of progress or have become successful.
      "Tony has come a long way since he opened his first little restaurant."

  • (have) a long way to go
    • If you have a long way to go, you still have a lot of work to do in order to finish something or achieve a goal.
      "The editor told Amanda she had a long way to go before her book would be accepted for publication.”

  • look before you leap
    • This is something you say when advising someone to think carefully about the possible problems before doing something.
      "Don't decide too quickly. Look before you leap!"

  • look on the bright side
    • If you look on the bright side, you view a mostly unpleasant situation in a positive and optimistic way and the see the favourable aspects.
      "OK. You know nobody. But look on the bright side - you'll make lots of new friends!"

  • look daggers
    • Someone who looks daggers at another looks at them very angrily.
      "David looked daggers at Paul when he invited his new girlfriend to dance."

  • look down one's nose
    • If someone looks down their nose at a person or thing, they consider that person or thing as inferior.
      "Intellectuals often look down their noses at amusement parks and such."

  • look the part
    • If you look the part, your appearance makes you ideally suited for a particular job or role.
      "It was a mistake to choose a pretty young girl to play the witch. She didn't look the part at all."

  • look the picture
    • If someone looks the picture, they look very pretty.
      "The little girl looked the picture in her new dress."

  • look the picture of health
    • To look the picture of health means to look extremely healthy.
      "Nice to see you again Mr. Brown. I must say you look the picture of health."

  • look a sight
    • If a person looks a sight, their appearance is awful, unsuitable or very untidy.
      "She looks a sight in that dress!"

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