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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms L, page 11

Idioms L, page 11:  from:   'lost ball in high weeds'   to:   'in the lurch'

  • lost ball in high weeds
    • Someone who is totally confused, and doesn't know what they are doing or how to do it, is a lost ball in high weeds.
      "The new intern in a lost ball in high weeds - he has no idea now to begin the task he's been given."

  • love me, love my dog
    • This expression means that if someone loves you, they must love everything about you, including everyone and everything you love.
      "Harry didn't like Sally's best friend, but Sally said : 'love me, love my dog!'"

  • no love lost
    • To say that there is no love lost between two people or organisations means that they do not like each other at all.
      "There is no love lost between the Conservatives and Democrats."

  • not for love or money
    • If you say that you cannot or will not do something for love or money, you mean that you will not do it under any circumstances.
      "I would not try bungee jumping for love or money!"

  • at a low ebb
    • A person or organisation at a low ebb is not as strong or successful as usual.
      "The recent political crisis has left the country at a low ebb."

  • low-hanging fruit
    • To refer to something as a low-hanging fruit means that it is a target that can be easily reached, or a goal that can be accomplished with a minimum of effort.
      "Teenagers are low-hanging fruit for fashionable mobile devices."

  • lower than a snake's belly
    • To say that someone is lower than a snake's belly means that they are bad, dishonest or have very low moral standards.
      "Anyone who is capable of taking advantage of young vulnerable children is lower than a snake's belly."

  • luck of the draw
    • To refer to something that happens as the luck of the draw means that it is the result of pure chance, with no possibility of choice.
      "The samples distributed varied in size and value; it was the luck of the draw."

  • lull before the storm
    • A period of unnatural calm before a difficult time or violent activity is called the lull before the storm.
      "The sales start on January 1st. The quiet period before that is just the lull before the storm."

  • lump in your throat
    • If you have a lump in your throat, you have a tight feeling in your throat because of a strong emotion such as sadness or gratitude.
      "The speech was so touching that I had a lump in my throat."

  • (at the) top of your lungs
    • If you shout at the top of your lungs, you shout as loudly as you possibly can.
      "The place was so noisy that I had to shout at the top of my lungs to be heard."

  • in the lurch
    • Someone who is left in the lurch is left in a difficult or embarrassing situation.
      "Paul was left in the lurch when he missed the last bus."

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