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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms - J,
from:  'jump for joy'   to:  'poetic justice'

  • jump for joy
    • When people jump for joy, they express their happiness through excited movements and gestures.
      "The player jumped for joy when he scored the winning goal."

  • jump the lights
    • If you continue driving when the traffic lights turn red, you jump the lights.
      "It's very dangerous to jump the lights.  No wonder he was stopped by the police."

  • jump out of one's skin
    • If you jump out of your skin, you are extremely surprised or shocked.
      "Jane nearly jumped out of her skin when the horse put its head through the kitchen window!"

  • jump down someone's throat
    • If someone jumps down another person's throat, they suddenly start shouting at them in a very angry manner.
      "When I said the instructions were not very clear, she jumped down my throat!"

  • jump ship
    • Someone who jumps ship leaves, resigns or abandons a position or task, especially when there are difficulties.
      "The managing director had already jumped ship by the time the company collapsed.”

  • stay one jump ahead
    • If you stay one jump ahead, you keep an advantage over others by making sure you are better informed, or taking action before they do.
      "He is a successful journalist because he always stays one jump ahead of the others."

  • (the) jury is still out
    • To say that the jury is still out means that something is under consideration but no decision has been reached yet.
      "The jury is still out as concerns the location of the new station."

  • just around the corner
    • If something is just around the corner, it will happen very soon.
      "With spring just around the corner, the new collection should begin to sell."

  • just as well
    • Something that is a good or lucky thing to happen.
      "The picnic was cancelled, which was just as well because it rained all day."

  • (get your) just desserts
    • When someone gets their just desserts, they are rewarded or punished according to what they deserve.
      "Liz got her just desserts when she was excluded from the committee. She is totally unreliable."

  • just in time
    • If you arrive somewhere just in time, you arrive at the last possible moment before it is too late.
      "I arrived at the station just in time to catch the train."

  • just off the boat
    • A person who is just off the boat is naive and lacks experience.
      "How do you expect me to work with a trainee who's just off the boat!"

  • just one of those things
    • The expression just one of those things refers to an unexpected occurrence that was unavoidable.
      "There was a traffic jam, so I was late for the meeting - it was just one of those things."

  • just the job
    • If you describe something as being just the job, you mean that that is well-suited for a specific purpose.
      "I don't need a big container. That plastic bag is just the job."

  • (not) just a pretty face
    • A person who is not just a pretty face is not only attractive but intelligent or talented as well.
      "The candidate was determined to show that she was not just a pretty face".

  • just saying
    • The expression just saying is used when you mention something without intending to cause offence.
      "Your son is old enough to mow the lawn - just saying...".

  • just the ticket
    • If something is just the ticket, it is exactly right, or just what you need.
      "I'm not hungry enough for a meal. A bowl of soup would be just the ticket."

  • just what the doctor ordered
    • If something is just what the doctor ordered, it is exactly what is needed and will make you feel better.
      "A week-end in the sun - just what the doctor ordered!"

  • poetic justice
    • Poetic justice is an ideal form of justice in which virtue is rewarded and evil punished, often in a particularly appropriate manner, by an ironic twist of fate.
      "It is poetic justice that the country responsible for the ecological disaster should suffer most from its effects."

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