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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Alphabetical List of Idioms - H

(Idioms H page 8 :   high and dry  →  hit the panic button)

high and dry If you are left high and dry, you find yourself in a difficult situation without help or resources.
When her husband walked out on her, Amanda was left high and dry with two kids to raise.
high horse If you get on your high horse, you start behaving in a haughty manner, as though you should be treated with more respect.
He got on his high horse when he was asked to show his membership card.
high and mighty Someone who is high and mighty behaves in a haughty manner as though they were superior to others.
"Don't get all high and mighty!" said my grandmother to my cousin. "Everyone helps with the housework in this house."
highways and byways If you travel the highways and byways, you take large and small roads to visit every part of the country.
He travelled the highways and byways looking for traces of his ancestors.
my way or the highway It you say to someone 'it's my way or the highway', you are telling that person that either they accept what you propose or they leave the project.
You don't have much choice when someone says 'it's my way or the highway'.
up to the hilt When someone does something (up) to the hilt, they do it completely, fully or to the maximum degree.
He was involved in the conspiracy to the hilt.
himalayan blunder If you stupidly make a serious mistake or error, you commit a Himalayan blunder.
Apparently he lost his job because of a Himalayan blunder.
hit and run accident When the driver of a vehicle hits another vehicle without stopping to provide help, identification or insurance, and fails to report the accident to the police, the collision is called a hit-and-run accident.
A hit-and-run accident deserves serious punishment.
hit the airwaves When someone hits the airwaves, they go on radio and/or TV to be interviewed or to promote something.
The hospital was embarrassed when the patient hit the airways with his side of the story.
hit the dust The expression hit the dust is a humorous way of referring to death.
You can have my computer when I hit the dust!
hit the ground running If someone hits the ground running, they are ready and eager to start immediately on a new activity.
He intends to hit the ground running when he starts his new job.
hit the hay (or sack) When you hit the hay (or hit the sack), you go to bed.
The boys were so exhausted that they hit the hay as soon as they reached the campsite.
hit the nail on the head When you hit the nail on the head, you are absolutely right about something or have guessed the exact nature of a problem or situation.
You hit the nail on the head when you said Mark had money problems.  He's lost his job.
hit/strike pay dirt If you hit pay dirt, you are lucky and suddenly find yourself in a successful money-making situation.
Charlie finally hit pay dirt with his latent invention.
hit the panic button When you hit or press the panic button, you raise the alarm too quickly or react too hastily in a difficult or stressful situation.
Calm down! There's no need to hit the panic button yet!
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