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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms H, page 7

Idioms H, page 7:  from:   'heavens open'   to:   'here today, gone tomorrow'

  • (the) heavens open
    • When the heavens open, it suddenly starts to rain heavily.
      "As soon as the race started, the heavens opened and the runners were soaked."

  • heavy hand
    • Dealing with or treating people with a heavy hand means acting with discipline and severity, with little or no sensitivity.
      "He ran the juvenile delinquent centre with a heavy hand."

  • hedge your bets
    • If you hedge your bets, you choose two or more courses of action in order to reduce the risk of loss or error.
      "The company hedged its bets by developing a second line of products."

  • heebie-jeebies
    • A state of apprehension, nervousness or anxiety is called the heebie-jeebies.
      "Having to go down to the car park at night gives me the heebie-jeebies."

  • (all) broke loose
    • To say that (all) hell broke loose means that there was a sudden angry, noisy reaction to something.
      "All hell broke loose when it was announced that the plant was going to close down."

  • (come) hell or high water
    • If you declare that you will do something come hell or high water, you mean that you will do it in spite of the difficulties involved.
      "Come hell or high water I've got to be on time for the interview."

  • go to hell in a handcart
    • If someone or something is going to hell in a handcart, their condition is poor and continues to deteriorate.
      "This used to be a nice place to live, but now the area is going to hell in a handcart."

  • hell-bent on something
    • If you are hell-bent on doing something, you are recklessly determined to do it, even if it is dangerous or stupid.
      "Although he is still weak, he's hell-bent on playing the match."

  • help a lame dog over a stile
    • If you help a lame dog over a stile, you help someone who is in difficulty or trouble.
      "You can trust him - he's always ready to help a lame dog over a stile."

  • hem and haw
    • When someone hems and haws, they are very evasive and avoid giving a clear answer.
      "Bobby hemmed and hawed when his parents asked him where had spent the night."

  • herd mentality
    • People with the herd mentality tend to do what everyone else does, no matter how ridiculous or stupid.
      "One example of herd mentality is when people rush to get on the first bus when there are several empty ones waiting. "

  • herding cats
    • This expression refers to the difficulty of coordinating a situation which involves people who all want to act independently.
      "Trying to arrange an outing for a group of people from different countries is like herding cats!"

  • here today, gone tomorrow
    • This is said of something which appears and disappears very quickly, or does not last long.
      "The shops in this area change very often - here today, gone tomorrow."

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