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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms H, page 4

Idioms H, page 4:  from:   'happy-go-lucky'   to:   bury the hatchet'

  • happy-go-lucky
    • If you are a happy-go-lucky person, you are cheerful and carefree all the time.
      "He's a happy-go-lucky sort of guy - always in good humour."

  • hard and fast
    • Something which is hard and fast is inflexible or cannot be altered.
      "Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules related to English spelling."

  • hard of hearing
    • If someone is hard of hearing, they can't hear very well.
      "You'll have to speak louder to Mr. Jones. He's a bit hard of hearing"

  • hard as nails
    • A person who is (as) hard as nails is unsentimental and shows no sympathy.
      "Don't expect any sympathy from him. He's as hard as nails."

  • (no) hard feelings
    • If you have no hard feelings, you feel no resentment or bitterness about something.
      "When Alan was promoted instead of Steve, he said to Steve : 'No hard feelings I hope"

  • hard up
    • If you are hard up, you have very little money.
      "We were so hard up that we had to sleep in the car."

  • hard time
    • If you give someone a hard time, you annoy them or make things difficult for them.
      "Susan says the pupils in her new school are giving her a hard time."

  • hard to come by
    • Something that is hard to come by is rare or difficult to find.
      "Experienced carpenters are hard to come by these days."

  • hard to swallow
    • When something is difficult to accept or believe, it is hard to swallow.
      "She invented an excuse that the teacher found hard to swallow."

  • run with the hare and hunt with the hounds
    • If you run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, you want to stay on friendly terms with both sides in a quarrel.
      "Bob always wants to keep everyone happy, but he can't run with the hare and hunt with the hounds this time - the issue is too important."

  • harebrained idea
    • A is an idea or suggestion that is considered to be silly, foolish or totally impractical.
      "We'll never make any progress if you have nothing but harebrained ideas to offer!"

  • harp on
    • If you harp on (about) something, you tire others by talking continuously and tediously about it.
      "My parents are always harping on about my school results."

  • hat in the ring
    • If you throw or toss your hat in the ring, you announce that you are going to enter a competition or take up a challenge.
      "He finally threw his hat in the ring and announced that he was going to stand for election."

  • bury the hatchet
    • When people who have had a disagreement decide to forget their quarrel and become friends again, theybury the hatchet.
      "I don't get on well with my mother-in-law, but to keep my wife happy I decided to bury the hatchet."

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