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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms - G, page 9
from:  'a going concern'   to:  'good walls'

  • (a) going concern
    • A business or activity that is dynamic and successful is a going concern.
      "They opened a coffee shop that is a going concern today."

  • going places
    • To say that someone is going places means that they show talent and ability that will no doubt lead to a successful future.
      "Even at college it was obvious that Paul was going places."

  • when the going gets tough
    • This expression means that when faced with a difficult or dangerous situation, strong people take action in order to solve the problem.
      "Tom has a positive attitude. He often says 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going'."

  • golden handcuffs
    • The term golden handcuffs refers to a large sum of money or a generous financial arrangement granted to an executive as an incentive to stay in their job, or to ensure long-term cooperation after their departure.

  • golden handshake
    • A golden handshake is a generous sum of money given to a person when they leave a company or retire (sometimes given to encourage early retirement).

  • golden opportunity
    • A golden opportunity is a favourable time or an excellent occasion which should not be missed.
      "An internship in that company would be a golden opportunity for you - it might lead to a permanent job later."

  • golden parachute
    • A golden parachute is a clause in an executive's employment contract stating that the executive will receive certain large benefits if their employment is terminated.

  • golden rule
    • The most important rule or principle to be remembered when doing something is called the golden rule.
      "When travelling abroad, the golden rule is to respect the local customs"

  • gone with the wind
    • If something has gone with the wind, it has disappeared forever.
      "I lost everything during the crisis. My savings are gone with the wind."

  • good as gold
    • A child who is as good as gold is obedient and well-behaved.
      "Your children are always as good as gold when I look after them."

  • (be as) good as your word
    • If you promise to do something and then do it, you are as good as your word.
      "Emily promised to help me prepare the food and she was as good as her word. I knew I could count on her!"

  • (in) good part
    • Something done or said that is taken in good part is accepted good-naturedly, without taking offence
      "She took her colleagues' teasing in good part and laughed with them."

  • a good deal
    • A transaction that is fair and honest, or an equitable arrangement, is called a good deal.
      "We've used the same supplier for years and we always get a good deal."

  • good riddance!
    • This expression is used to express relief at becoming free of an unpleasant or unwanted person or thing.
      "Our horrible neighbour has moved house, and all I can say is 'good riddance'!"

  • good turn
    • If you do someone a good turn, you act in a helpful way.
      "Mike is a great guy - always ready to do a good turn."

  • good value for money
    • An article that is good value for money is worth the money spent on it.
      "The quality is excellent so it's good value for money."

  • good walls make good neighbours
    • This expression means that respecting one another's privacy helps create a good relationship between neighbours.
      "We try not to disturb the people next door. Good walls make good neighbours!"

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