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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms - G, page 6
from:  'glutton for punishment'   to:  'go the extra mile'

  • glutton for punishment
    • If you say that someone is a glutton for punishment, you express your surprise that they continue to do something which they find unpleasant or difficult.
      "You get seasick but you're going to travel by boat - you're a glutton for punishment!"

  • gnomes of Zurich
    • This is a disparaging term for Swiss bankers who control a lot of money, are said to be uninterested in the provenance of funds and protect their clients' identity.
      "The gnomes of Zurich refuse to cooperate with the investigating officials."

  • go against the grain
    • If something goes against the grain, it is difficult to accept because it is very different from what is considered normal or natural.
      "Having to import apples in an apple-growing region really goes against the grain!"

  • go against the tide
    • If you go against the tide (or the stream), you refuse to conform to current trends, or the opinions or behaviour of other people.
      "Bill can be difficult to work with; he constantly goes against the tide."

  • go all out
    • If you go all out to achieve or obtain something, you make a great effort, using all possible strength and resources
      "The candidate went all out to obtain the nomination."

  • go along for the ride
    • If you join a group of people you find interesting, without wanting to take an active part in their action, you go along for the ride.
      "Not all the protesters were active in the movement - some just went along for the ride."

  • go bananas
    • If someone becomes very emotional and starts behaving in a crazy way, they go bananas.
      "If you announce that you are going to drop out of school, your parents will go bananas!"

  • go ballistic
    • When someone goes ballistic, they become very angry.
      "My dad went ballistic when he saw the state of the garden after the barbecue."

  • go belly up
    • If a business or project goes belly up, it is unsuccessful or goes bankrupt.
      "The restaurant went belly up before the end of the first year."

  • go down the rabbit hole
    • If you go down the rabbit hole, you start searching for something specific and then find yourself with information that keeps leading to you to more and more areas to explore.
      "“It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole when you start surfing on the Internet."

  • go down in flames
    • If something goes down in flames, it fails spectacularly and disastrously.
      "The project went down in flames when it was discovered that it was being funded by illegally-obtained money".

  • go down in history
    • This expression refers to an event that is so important or unusual that it will be recorded in history.
      "The recent discovery will go down in history"

  • go down well
    • If an idea or proposal goes down well, it is well accepted.
      "The new timetable went down well with the employees"

  • go downhill
    • When something goes downhill, it deteriorates or gets worse little by little.
      "His health has been going downhill since the last operation."

  • go for a song
    • If something goes for a song, it is sold at an unexpectedly low price.
      "I was able to buy the car simply because it was going for a song."

  • go the extra mile
    • If you go the extra mile, you do more than what is expected of you.
      "You can count on Tom; he's always willing to go the extra mile."

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