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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms G, page 5

Idioms G, page 5:  from:   'give the once-over'   to:   'glowing terms'

  • give the once-over
    • If you give someone or something a quick visual examination, to see what they are like or to check if everything is all right, you give them the once-over.
      "She gave the living-rom a quick once-over before opening the door to her guests."

  • give a piece of your mind
    • If you tell someone exactly what you think, in a very angry manner, you give them a piece of your mind.
      "Jack was so irritated by his neighbours' behaviour that he decided to give them a piece of his mind."

  • give the rough edge of your tongue
    • If you give the (rough) edge of your tongue, you scold someone severely or speak to them very aggressively or rudely.
      "My boss was so angry that I really got the rough edge of his tongue."

  • give (someone) a run for their money
    • If you give someone a run for their money, you present strong competition in circumstances where the other person expects to win easily.
      "We didn't win the match but we gave the other team a run for their money."

  • give the run-around
    • If someone gives you the run-around, they deliberately give you confusing information or evasive answers.
      "I'm trying to contact the manager, but every time I call the firm I'm given the run-around."

  • give the shirt off one's back
    • This expression is used to describe a kind-hearted or generous person who would give you anything he/she owns to help you.
      "Mike would give the shirt off his back to help a friend in difficulty."

  • give the slip
    • If you give the slip to somebody who is following you, you manage to hide or get away from them.
      "The police were on his trail, but he managed to give them the slip."

  • give a tongue-lashing
    • When you scold someone severely, you give them a tongue-lashing.
      "The teacher gave Jeremy a tongue-lashing when he arrived late for school for the third time."

  • give up the ghost
    • If someone or something gives up the ghost, they die or stop working.
      "My mother's old TV set has finally given up the ghost. I'm off to buy her a new one"

  • give or take (a quantity or number)
    • This term is used when expressing an amount or estimate that is not exactly right.  It means 'plus or minus', 'more or less', or 'approximately'.
      "The nearest town is about 100 miles away, give or take a few miles."

  • gizmo
    • The term 'gizmo' refers to a gadget or any small technological item which is unusual or novel, and for which the proper term is unknown or forgotten.

  • glass ceiling
    • This term refers to a discriminatory barrier perceived by women and minorities that prevents them from rising to positions of power or responsibility.
      "Claire knew she would never break the glass ceiling and rise to a senior management position"

  • (the) gloves are off
    • This expression is used when there are signs that a fight is about to start.
      "The two candidates are out of their seats. The gloves are off!"

  • glowing terms
    • If you speak about something in glowing terms, you talk about it in a very positive way.
      "Mary talks about her home town in glowing terms; it must be a wonderful place."

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