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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Alphabetical List of Idioms - G

(Idioms G page 4 :   get to the bottom of   →   give the run-around)

get to the bottom of If you get to the bottom of a problem or mystery, you solve it by finding out the true cause of it.
We have a problem of goods disappearing during transport. Hopefully the investigation will get to the bottom of it.
get wise to something If you get wise to something, you learn something that you were not aware of before.
He finally got wise to the fact that children were stealing apples from his garden.
get worked up If you get worked up about something, you become upset, annoyed or excited, often unnecessarily.
It's his first day at school tomorrow and he's all worked up about it.
give benefit of doubt If you give someone the benefit of doubt, you choose to believe that they are innocent, honest or telling the truth because there is no evidence to the contrary.
Although he found it hard to believe Tom's explanation, the teacher decided to give him the benefit of doubt.
give the game away If you give the game away, you reveal a secret or a plan, often unintentionally.
He hoped nobody in the hotel would recognize him, but an employee gave the game away.
give as good as you get This expression means that you are prepared to treat people as badly as they treat you, and fight for your beliefs.
(not) give a hang If you do not give a hang about something, you are totally indifferent to it and do not care at all about it.
I'm not interested in football so I don't give a hang about which team wins.
give a hard time If you give someone a hard time, you annoy them or make things difficult for them.
Susan says the pupils in her new school are giving her a hard time.
give it a rest If someone tells you to give it a rest, they are asking you to stop doing something such as complaining or talking continuously.
All you talk about is politics - give it a rest ... please!
give the once-over If you give someone or something a quick visual examination, to see what they are like or to check if everything is all right, you give them the once-over.
She gave the living-rom a quick once-over before opening the door to her guests.
give a piece of your mind If you tell someone exactly what you think, in a very angry manner, you give them a piece of your mind.
Jack was so irritated by his neighbours' behaviour that he decided to give them a piece of his mind.
give the rough edge of your tongue If you give the (rough) edge of your tongue, you scold someone severely or speak to them very aggressively or rudely.
My boss was so angry that I really got the rough edge of his tongue.
give a run for money If you give someone a run for their money, you present strong competition in circumstances where the other person expects to win easily.
We didn't win the match but we gave the other team a run for their money.
give the run-around If someone gives you the run-around, they deliberately give you confusing information or evasive answers.
I'm trying to contact the manager, but every time I call the firm I'm given the run-around.
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