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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Alphabetical List of Idioms - G

(Idioms G page 3 :   get on high horse   →   get skates on)

get on your high horse If you get on your high horse, you start behaving in a haughty manner, as though you should be treated with more respect.
He got on his high horse when he was asked to show his membership card.
get on in years Someone who is getting on in years is growing old.
My grandmother is getting on in years. She needs help nowadays.
get on like a house on fire Two people who get on like a house on fire have similar interests and quickly become good friends.
As soon as Sarah met her brother's girlfriend, they got on like a  house on fire.
get one's just deserts When someone gets their just deserts, they are rewarded or punished according to what they deserve.
Liz got her just deserts when she was excluded from the committee;
she is totally unreliable.
get a rise out of If you make someone react angrily by jokingly saying something
that you know will irritate them, you get a rise out of them.
He gets a rise out of his daughter by asking her about her latest diet.
get a second bite of the cherry This expression means that you get a second opportunity to do or try something.
He was eliminated in the semi-finals but he'll get a second bite at the cherry next year.
get someone's drift If you get someone's drift, you understand in a general way what they are trying to say.
I didn't understand every word but I got the drift.
get someone by the short hairs If you get (or have) someone by the short hairs, you put them in a difficult situation from which they cannot escape, so you have complete control over them.
They are in no position to refuse; we've got them by the short hairs!
get someone's goat Something that get someone's goat annoys or irritates them.
People who keep pushing when you're standing in line really gets my goat!
get something off the ground If you get something off the ground, you put it into operation after having organised it.
After a lot of hard work, we finally got the campaign off the ground.
get something out of your system This expression means that you get rid of a strong emotion or desire by expressing it openly or trying to fulfill it.
Tell you parents how you feel - it's better to get it out of your system.
get the better of If someone or something gets the better of you, it defeats you.
She went on a diet but it didn't last long - her love of chocolate got the better of her!
get the jitters If you get or have the jitters, especially before an important event, you become very nervous or anxious and begin to shake.
Some people get the jitters when they have to make a speech.
get the message If you get the message, you understand what someone is trying to tell you, even if it is expressed in actions or gestures rather than words.
When Tony pointed to his watch, I got the message - it was time to leave for the airport.
get the picture A person who gets the picture understands what is being explained or described.
The alarm went off and people started running everywhere - you get the picture I'm sure!
get the sack If someone gets the sack, they lose their job, usually because they have done something wrong.
Charlie got the sack when his boss caught him stealing.
get the show on the road If you manage to put a plan or idea into action, you get the show on the road.
OK, we've got all we need, so let's get the show on the road.
get your knickers in a twist If you get your knickers in a twist, you are angry, nervous or upset faced with a difficult situation.
Don't get  your knickers in a twist! Everything is under control.
get your skates on If you tell someone to get their skates on, you want them to hurry up.
You'd better get you skates on or you'll be late!
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